Everyone enjoys her company
Loves to dance
Is more beatiful that a famous painting
always thinking of others
backs people up when in need
ends every dispute peacefully
tends to be very energetic
hates inconsiderate people

When i see you...
it brings a smile to my face

When i see you...
i think of all the great things to come

When i see you...
it warms my heart

When i see you...
i never get angry

When i see you...
i'm always waiting in anticipation

When i see you...
i feel closer and closer every time

When i see you...
it reminds me of all the great times

When i see you...
i see the one i love

The forest
giver of life
brings many great joy

All inhabinants
live peacefully with
each and every animal

many fight
but for the
purpose of their survival

many try
to ward off
enimies with numerous defenses

the stronger
feed off the
weak; all is fair

endless cycle
never weakening, breaking
the ever strong, forest