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{Chapter One - Uchiyama Himeko}

Uchiyama Himeko had been living alone for two years before that decisive night. Two years she
had been away from her parents, going to college to become a librarian. She came from a family
of librarians and record keepers, so Himeko's decision to follow in her family's footsteps was

It was not as if Himeko liked books all that much, or records, but she liked
organization and order. Her life was tidy, and quiet.

Himeko lived in a small apartment in the college town, alone. Her room was filled with books on
every subject, sorted alphabetically and dusted daily. She had one picture on the wall above
her bed. The picture was of a view through trees in a deep green bamboo forest somewhere off
in the East, a place Himeko had dreamed about seeing one day.

But as Himeko went on to school, grown up now, she could not help but feel very lonely.
At home she had a younger brother and two older sisters, her grandmother and her parents to keep
her company. She even had a fat, lazy cat that liked to sleep on the foot of her bed. But now,
she had nothing to keep her company.

In Himeko's loneliness, the order and tidiness in her life began to slip. Himeko began
to question herself for she had nothing else to do in the long nights away from home. She
wondered why all the order in her life was necessary. She wondered why she was so lonely. She
wondered why it all was so important, her schooling, her future career as a librarian, etc, etc.

And it was a cold winter night that she made a decision to finally let it all go. She
could no longer bear living a safe life. She needed action.

So the next day Himeko threw out her wardrobe and bought a new one with money she had
saved. She cut herself some bangs in her long waist length black hair. Himeko threw away her
glasses and switched to contacts. And to top it all off she bought a pair of thick-soled
leather boots that topped off just below her knee, with a big silver spike on the toe that
glinted dangerously in the light.

But the changes did not end there. As winter turned to spring, Himeko changed her major
in school from Library Sciences to Music Education. She bleached her black hair and dyed it a
rich violet and she began wearing a long leather double breasted coat that made her look like
she had wings when the wind would blow. Himeko had reinvented herself totally.

As for Himeko's malady of loneliness, it ended quickly. In her new major, with her
skill at piano, she made friends quickly.

When Himeko was a child she had been given piano lessons, and although Himeko loved the
piano, her parents pushed her to give it up. The piano was Himeko's first love and first

Picking the piano up again was like breathing new life into the young woman. She knew
she had always had a talent with the piano but under the tutelage of a young professor named Dr.
Pierce, Himeko loved the piano even more. Soon she was playing recitals, playing with friends
at a local bar in front of a usual crowd of Bohemian types, and soon Himeko was well known.

Meanwhile her parents and family suffered, wondering how in the world they had gone
wrong in raising Himeko. And when Himeko would visit, the family would basically ignore her
and if they did speak to her they would wail about her newfound identity. Himeko would only
smile and hug her family tight, just to leave again for school and enjoy her life.

The day that Himeko turned twenty-four, Himeko found herself celebrating by herself.
Suddenly she realized that the people, who complimented her and stood by her as she played the
piano, did not think enough of her to come to her birthday party. Himeko had only made
familiar acquaintances.

For two years, Himeko's true nature had shone through, but still she had no one to
confide in, to hug, to laugh with, or to just be with on those long nights in her modest
apartment. Again, the loneliness fell upon her like a heavy shade.

Himeko sang herself the 'Happy Birthday' song and blew out the twenty-four candles on
her small strawberry cake.

Himeko sat at her kitchen table, resting her head on her hands, staring at the smoke
rising up into the room from the candles. A single present sat on the other end of the table
and card she had received in the mail.

Himeko stood from her chair, her long violet hair swaying as she walked around the table
to grasp the blue wrapped gift. It was from her father and Himeko knew exactly what it was by
its weight. It was another book to add to her collection in the shelves that lined the
apartment. Himeko still had all her books, and in the two years she had actually sat down and
read them all instead of dusting them and sorting them alphabetically. Now those books set in
piles all around the apartment, making room on the shelves for CDs and pictures she had acquired.

Slowly she pulled the wrapping away to see that her father had sent her a leather-bound
copy of Dante's 'Divine Comedy'. Himeko smiled sadly, she had two copies just like it somewhere
in the apartment. She set the book down; still half wrapped and retrieved the card.

Himeko knew whom the card was from, for she always got a card for her birthday. She
would have twenty-four now.

She opened the envelope and smiled. It was a strange birthday card, something to be
expected from the person who had sent it. The front was a shiny black gloss, no words, no
greetings. But as she flipped it open, two one hundred dollar bills floated out, just as Himeko

She read the note inside.

'Dear Niece,
Happy Birthday! How does it feel?
Your brother sent me your latest photo; I see that your hair is still a beautiful shade
of violet. Your mother tells me that you still are perusing the piano. Good for you!
I enclosed money again, as you can see. I hope this will help out on your groceries
perhaps. But I am sending you something else this year. It should be coming in the post soon.
You'll know whom it's from as soon as you see it, I hope.
Love Always, Your Uncle.'

Himeko frowned. The note was shorter than usual, but just as sloppy in handwriting.
Her uncle Hiro was the only other member of the family who had decided not to become a librarian.
But her uncle lived in Europe, his address ever changing. The postmark on the envelope was from

Uncle Hiro was her father's younger brother. Uncle Hiro had left the family quietly to
study a science of some sort off in Europe and he had never come back. Himeko had never
actually met her uncle, but his correspondences came every year, and Himeko had always enjoyed

But this year, it was slightly different. Uncle Hiro was sending her something. He had
never sent her anything except two hundred dollars, and Himeko was immediately suspicious.

The family rarely mentioned Uncle Hiro as Himeko grew up, and with his cards every year,
Himeko was the only one besides her younger brother, Toji, to ever hear from the elusive man.

When Himeko thought of Uncle Hiro she could not help but imagine him as a mad scientist
in a long white lab coat and unkempt hair and thick glasses. She had no other reason to think
otherwise, for there were no pictures of the man. Himeko even had doubts that man was her uncle
at all.

Himeko stuffed the card back into its envelope and picked up the money that rested on
her socked feet, stuffing it into her jeans pocket. Another birthday had given her a book and
two hundred dollars, the usual things associated with her birthday, but this time, like the year
before she was alone.

Himeko went to bed early, hoping to forget her loneliness in her dreams at least.

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