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{Chapter Nine - The World's Worst Hangover! Kiss Me Again!}

Himeko's eyelids twitched slightly, feeling something move underneath her arm. She
sighed and rolled over on her right side, hearing a sort of sigh come from behind her.

Himeko was just on the edge of waking when she rolled onto her back again.

"Hi-me-ko!" a tiny voice sounded.

Suddenly there was a slight pressure on her chest, swiping her breasts slightly, moving
back and forth. Himeko began to blush, a dream forming in her head from the gently motion on
her breasts.

"Stop it…" she muttered, laughing slightly.

The motion stopped and Himeko felt something warm touch her cheek.


Himeko's eyes fluttered open and she gazed face to face with chibi Mik.


Chibi Mik went flying across the bedroom, landing roughly in the floor as Himeko sat up
with a start. Himeko was panting, her eyes wide open, her button up shirt open, her black bra
still damp against her skin.

"Ah… My head hurts…" she muttered closing her eyes again, holding her head in her

"Himeko…" a tiny voice sighed from the bedroom floor, just below the foot of the bed.

"Were you feeling my breasts again?" she asked with a hint of grouchiness in her voice.

There was a giggle and a tiny Mekanik hopped onto the foot of the bed. His silver eyes
were huge just as Himeko remembered, but Himeko was too dazed to feel uncomfortable.

"Mekanik like Himeko's chest… Very soft… Very big…" the doll said in a tiny kid's
voice, its little hands behind its back as it stared up at Himeko.

Himeko sighed and fell back into bed. She tried to remember how Mik had powered down,
what did she do last night? Why was she still in her clothes and why was the bed damp?

"Himeko sick?" Mekanik asked, hopping to the pillow beside Himeko's head, his little hand
touching her forehead.

"I have a hang over… I need to a shower… How did you get small?" she said in sequence.

"Mekanik does not know, Mekanik fell in bed with Himeko…" chibi Mekanik said near her ear in a
soft whisper.

Himeko sat up again and this time crawled out of bed and into the bathroom. Mekanik skipped
off the bed and into the bathroom as well, eliciting a scream from Himeko before being tossed

"Iiiii-taiiii," Mekanik cried from the other side of the bed after landing behind a chest of

Himeko grumbled from inside the bathroom, slamming the door quickly, the shower humming on.
Mekanik could only watch the bathroom door with large tear filled eyes.

Himeko sat in a nice steaming tub of water, the stiffness in her back fading quickly. She
leaned back in the tub and closed her eyes. What had happened the night before?

Himeko knew that she had gone out with some friends for a quick drink. But that quick drink
turned into an all night beer binge, and the last thing Himeko remembered was falling down in
the doorway. She remembered Mik trying to get her into the bedroom to lie down.

Himeko opened her eyes, watching the steam rise from the clear surface of the bath water. She
had been thinking of Dr. Pierce. She had been thinking that she would be in a world of trouble
if Dr. Pierce would see her drunk. And then she thought she heard his voice as she was lying
down. And then…

Himeko splashed a bit of water in her face. She had confessed something maybe, or she knew she
wanted to… And then she kissed him.

"Ah!" she exclaimed sitting up in the bath, looking at the tiled wall.

She had been dreaming about Dr. Pierce and she had kissed him, or someone… Maybe…

Hastily Himeko jumped out of the bath and wrapped a towel about her body. Her long hair was
dripping at the ends where the water had dampened it when she laid back in the bath. But she
had no time to worry about herself. She was suddenly struck by the idea that… That maybe…

"Mik!" she called as she tore open the bathroom door.

It was the glitch maybe, the one her uncle had mentioned… And all she had to do was say those
words… And she would not have to deal with some ecchi little doll going on and on about her

"Mik!" she called again, running out of the bedroom and into the living room. Mekanik, or as
the doll called himself was busy in the door way, holding a mop that was far too big for him,
wiping up the rainwater that had dried in puddles there the night before.

Himeko was slightly taken aback by the sight of Mekanik mopping with only the slightest
difficulty and humming to itself in the most childlike, creepiest little voice Himeko had
ever heard.

"Mekanik," she said almost in a whisper, trying to collect her thoughts again. She would not
admit herself that the whole seen was too cute for words. She wanted Mik back, the logical,
somewhat clumsy Mik…

Himeko's head was still fuzzy, and she felt still a bit drunk. She was half tempted to lie down
on the floor and sleep a little longer… But no, she told herself… No…

Things had to be normal again, or closer to normal anyway.

"Ah! Himeko dripping on the floor again!" the little voice said, making Himeko jump and look
down at herself. She was dripping from the bath, and she was cold.

"Listen," she started, but Mekanik began mopping up around her before she could utter another
word. She stepped back as the cold mop hit her toes. He was not paying any attention to her
at all…

"Mou!" she groaned and quickly grabbed the doll up in her hands, knocking the mop from its tiny

"Himeko?" it asked, its silver platter eyes blinking in confusion.

Himeko grimaced, holding Mekanik at arm's length.

"Listen, okay?"


Himeko closed her eyes and sighed, a blush coming to her pale cheeks.

"Kiss me…"

There was a 'poof!' and Himeko felt herself falling backward from the force of such a simple

When she realized that she was lying on her back on the floor, she tried to move. But a weight
was pressing down on her, pinning to her to the floor. Smoke had filled the room and Himeko
began coughing.

"Hime?" a voice asked weakly, so close to Himeko's face she could feel his breath.

The smoke cleared, Himeko's towel had fallen away, and Mik was lying atop her, his hands on
either side of her head, his silver eyes staring down at her flushed face.

Himeko tried to smile. She was relieved somehow. Her mind was muddled and she felt as if she
were sinking through the floor.

"Hime?!" Mik exclaimed, scrambling to get off of Himeko and help her to her feet, but as he
looked down at her, not really thinking much of her damp, naked body, he panicked.

Himeko closed her eyes, smiling finally, falling into a feverish sleep.

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Chapter Ten - Breaking Point, Mik vs. Gabriel Pierce!