Perfection of Revenge- Enter Trouble
Rating: PG-13

A tall white haired man, stands quite close to a silver space ship with the words "Cyber Force" inprinted onto the side of the ship. His appearnce is quite frightening, spiked white hair and freezing blue eyes that could scare a space demon like that. His right arm and leg, that of a dinosaur but in andriod form. Brushing the few strands up pale hair away from the viser on his face, he smiles satanically. "This might actually be fun, but I have no intention of becoming soft with those pathetic worms!"

"Tsuri! You'd better hurry things up. You know how Mr. Ishida gets when we're late for class." Valkyrie insintely taps onto the door of the washroom. Family member of the Fukai family, light blue hair with light blue hair, she really took the apperance of her sweet mother.

Slow, loves to take his time, these words describe Valkyrie's boyfriend like that. "Well, you can leave without me, ya know. I'll meet you there." This guy is always worried about his red wavy hair, but those matching green eyes really go great together. "Hey come on, I got to look get for my girlfriend!"

"You always look good for me, Tsuri-chan!" The love struck Valkyrie skips past the steaming bathroom door, and straight to the living room. "Mizuneko, wake up! It's time for school!"

Misato, the most mother like out of the resident, pokes her head out from the kitchen. "Val, it's only seven thirty. Give her a couple more minutes, plus I'm not done the rice for breakfast." The sidekick for the puntual Valkyrie, even though she's probably the most independent of them all.

"Oh, hehe. Silly me!" Valkyrie procedes in the embarrased arm behind head pose.

The purple hair woman rolls her eyes in embarrassment, and continues back to her rice recipe. "Maybe you should wake her up Val."

Mizuneko clutches her blanket tightly, along with her soft teddy bear as she peacefully sleeps. Quite the kawaii girl, long pink hair with large red eyes that could put saucer plates to shame. Though she may not appear to be, but Mizuneko is the cute younger sister of Valkyrie.

"Mizuneko! Wake up!"

Weakly rubbing her eyes, the young girl sits up in her soft bed and glances around the room. "Alright Valkyrie. I'm coming." The sunlight beats down highlighting Mizuneko's hair as she paces down the stairs and into the kitchen.

"Good morning sleepy head!" A brillant smile forms on Valkyrie's face as she places down a bowl of rice for her sister. "So, have any crazy dreams last night?"

"Oh yes Valkyrie! I dreamt I was a flower girl at you and Tsuri's wedding! There was a giant cake, flowers and you were wearing a really pretty dress. You looked so happy." Mizuneko munches down on the white rice.

Valkyrie stares blanky into her sister's big, red eyes."Wow. What a happy dream. Well, maybe it will actually happen one of these days. Anyways, hurry up and eat your rice, we have to get to school! Hurry up Tsuri!"

"Ms. Hiro is going to bring her pet newt into the classroom today!" Mizuneko walks along the sidewalk beside her sister with the happiest look on her face. "His name is Hebi, and he's the cutest little newt in the world!"

A giant sweatdrop falls down the sides of Valkyrie's, Tsuris and Misato's faces, as the three stare straight at Mizuneko.

"What? What is it?"

Tsuri gently scratches the back of his head. "Well, if your teacher's bringing the newt for the first time, then how do you know it's cute Mizuneko. It really doesn't make any sense you know."

"Oh, silly me!"

Valkyrie quietly giggles with her little sister, not paying attention to the sidewalk ahead. "Oh Mizuneko, you can be such a cu...OUCH!" Valkyrie falls backwards into Tsuri's arms as she rubs her foot in extreme pain. "I stepped on something!"

"Woah, you okay Val?" Tsuri looks down into his girlfriend's eyes in caution. "What did you step on?"

The shocked Valkyrie bends down, and picks up an odd gismo, which appears to be a viser of some sort. "What the heck is this thing? It looks like a viser, not the kind you use to snowboard but like it came from another planet." Curious as she is, Valkyrie scans over the piece of equipment discovering a small red button. "What's this?"

"Hey Val, I wouldn't touch that if I were you. You have no idea what that button can do!" Misato reaches out to steal the viser from her hands. "Don't touch the button!"

"Calm down Misato! It won't do anything." With a small movement, Valkyrie pushes the small button and waits for something to happen. "See, nothing happened, now quit your worrying and let's get to school!" Shoving the small device into her skirt pocket, the group runs down the sidewalk and towards Komodo Tree High School.

"A layup! That's not a freakin' layup Misato!" Tsuri sighs, and turns away from Misato, still practicing her basketball skills. "She'll never learn how to play basketball."

Valkyrie slaps Tsuri across his head, and crosses her arms in rage. "She's my best friend, don't be so mean! Not everyone is as good at basketball as you are Tsuri!"

"Don't be mad at me Val-chan! I'm sorry!"

Flipping her hair through her fingers, she approaches Misato who's still struggling with the orange ball. "Don't worry Misato. No one's perfect you know?" Valkyrie snatches the ball from Misato's hand and begins to dribble around.

"I know Valkyrie. I'm still one of the prettiest girls in school."

Valkyrie eyes the purple haired girl. "And what's that suppose to mean?" Before tossing the ball at Misato, a small rumble occurs. "What was that? A mini earthquake or something?"

"Hey Tsuri, what was that?" asks Misato as she slowly jogs up to him.

"How would I know? Let's wait, and see if anything will happen." A drop of sweat trickles down the side of his face, as he glances around the gym room frantically.

Silence, silence fills the entire room making it quite eerie.

"Okay, this is stupid, let's just get ba.." Tsuri glares up at the ceiling, dust falls from the top as it gets blow to bit in the matter of minutes. "Damn, what the hell was that?" The red haired boy shields Valkyrie and Misato from the rubble that falls.

Misato glances up at the was-ceiling, and gasps in fear. "There's a woman up there!"

Valkyrie along with all the other classmates look up at the figure.

"Which one of you people are Jido?!" Ryo levitates slowly down to the floor and glances between people. "Well, tell me damnit!"

Valkyrie paces towards the green haired girl with a very angry look on her face. "You ruined are gym, interupted our class and now your asking for help? Who do you think you are?!" Valkyrie scans Ryo over, but backs away in fear. "You have a tail! Your a space demon!"

"Correct little girl. My name is Ryo Mantis, and I'm in search for a man named Jido. Which one of you picked up a small viser?" Her eyes burn in the color yellow, Ryo is very out-going, demanding and never takes no for an answer.

"Little girl!?"

"Compared to be, your a child. How would you feel if your were over a thousand years old? Anyways, it says here you have it missy. But your not Jido, so how come?"

A small green dragon leaps out from the ceiling, and hits Ryo over the head with a giant fan. "Your such an idiot! First of, makes makes you think Jido was going to pick up the viser in the first place, and second of all he's probably dead by now!"

"Shut the hell up Suicide, I could of left you on the planet!"

The dragon shrugs his shoulders and perches himself of Ryo's shoulder.

"I found this viser on the way to school. I picked it up and pressed the small red button on it. It must of activated a tracking device, or something. So, your in search for this guy but he's probably dead by now..."

"Yeah, I have no way of getting back to my planet. I'll have to stay here until I find a way." Turning to return to her ship, Valkrie grabs Ryo's shoulder. "What do you want?"

"First off, we'd better get out of here before the principal comes, there's so much I want to know about you! I'll bring you to my house, and we will have a proper introduction!"

"Alright, show me the way to your residence."

"Oh, your always in a freaking bad mood Courage, maybe that's why I hate you!" Majestic flips her indigo hair throw her fingers as she comfrontably takes a seat in Breeze's lap. "Well, what do you have to report!?"

"Not like I'm reporting it to you, but there's news that a space demon snuck throw the high level barriers and is on earth now." Courage, the dinosaur andriod. Or known as second scariest man in the world. "This could mean trouble."

"Then why don't you goand worry about it! Me and Breeze here are having some quality time, take your dino ass to that spaceship and take care of it!" Majestic smirks and brushes her hand through Breeze's gray hair.

"I don't take orders from you Majestic, and like hell I'm going to earth with a few men, if your so worried about it, you go and check it out. I've got some men to train!" Courage turns his back to the two andriods and heads toward the big metal door.

"Wait Courage, stay here...Majestic, could you um?"Breeze slightly pushes the serpent andriod off his lap.

"Anything for you Breeze." As Majestic pushes the heavy door open she kicks Courage in the leg. "Oops, my leg slipped, silly me tee-hee!"

Courage gently rubs the back of his leg, as he limps up to Breeze. "Why the hell did you marry someone like her?"

"Before I married her, she was actually nice. But I've learned to love her, she does have love in her heart, but I have no idea why she hates you so much." Breeze lazily stands fro his chair.

"Probably because I've known you way longer than her and she's wants your attention more. Well, she is your wife and you'll probably be to occupied to even notice I'm around any, I'll just be the 'second-command'."

"Ha, like hell! Your my best friend, not even my wife can get in the way of our friendship!" Breeze pounces on the shocked Courage, as the roll down thee floor pretending to play fight.

"You think yer all that, don't ya Breeze! I thought we were suppose to discuss the plan about that space demon!" Courage pushes himself off the floor, and shakes his head to gain vision.

"Oh yah, I'm gonna head to earth and find that space demon. If they make peace with the humans then we're in trouble. Your coming with me, wheather you like it or not, and we will take a hundred men or so." Breeze pulls himself off the floor.

"Hehe, a vacation to earth. I'll get some men to come." Courage pushes the door open, and exits Breeze's chamber.

"Not even hell itself can come between our friendship Courage..."

"What an odd residence!" Ryo picks up the remote and flicks the buttons. "By the way, what are your guys names?"

"I'm Valkyrie Fukai, this is my boyfriend Tsuri, and my best friend Misato. My little sister Mizuneko is at school right now. So, your a space demon, and now you can't get back to your planet?" Valkyrie shuts the door behind her, and hops onto the couch.

"That's right, I'm stuck here."

"What exactly can a space demon do?" Tsuri cautiously takes a seat next to the space demon.

"I'm really glad you asked Tsuri! Well, well, where to begin...I have super-human strength, I have super powers, I can fly and fly through walls, there is probably a couple other things too."

Tsuri nods. "Interesting."

"Hey, you forgot about me!" Suicide bashes through the front door, and hovers around the room. "I'm Ryo's loving, trusting, powerful sidekick! You can call me Suicide!"

"Foget that green gdragon, I found him hurt on the side of a road. Anyways, you people seem to be really nice. But I have no idea what to do, I'm stuck on Earth for who knows how long." Ryo tugs her hair in confusement.

Valkyrie slams her fist against the marble table, from reactment to an idea. "You can stay with us Ryo! You can learn how humans live and adapt! So, what do you say Ryo, you want to stay with us?"

"Well, what do you think Suicide?"

"Sure, Earth might be fun."

A lightbulb appears above Ryo's head. "Do you guys have beer? That is one thing I can't live without, is sweet, sweet beer!" Ryo drifts off into a far away imaginary land.

"Yes, yes we have beer!" Misato says happily.

"Count me in, this might not be so bad ya know. I might actually teach you guys a thing or two!" Ryo stretches her arms out and heavly yawns. "Well, I think I'll take a short nap!"

"Tsuri, I have to go pick Mizuneko up from school. Show Ryo to the guest room, I'll be right back!" Valkyrie skips out the door, and down the street towards Komodo Tree High School.

Misato procedes to the kitchen as Tsuri leads Ryo down the hallway. "Here's the guestroom, which is yours now. It's not much but you'll get used to it..."

"Oh wait, my ship! I gotta bring it here, come with me!" Ryo snatches Tsuri's hand, and races down the hallway, out the front door and down the street.

Misato sticks her head out the front door. "Okkkkkkkkiiiiiiiieeeeeee..."

"No! Were going to earth! E-a-r-t-h! Or have you never heard of it! Damnit, were not going to the freaking moon! I hate this $#%$# job!" Courage turns away from his army, and sighs.

"Having trouble I see, your too aggressive to them Courage.." Tense, mortal enemy of Breeze's, otherwise known as the spider andriod, he's probably the calmest person in the universe!

Courage growls. "I know how to train an arny, I've done for over a hundred years Tense! And this is coming from you, the calmest guy in the freaking world." Brushing Tense off, he pases back in forth in front of the soldiers.

"There's something wrong isn't there Courage, you can always tell when your in a rotten mood." Tense glances at the door, to see Breeze and Majestic. "God, there so lovey dovey, it's sickening."

Courage also glances at the couple. "Ever since he married her, he's changed. He's not the same Breeze I grew up with, once he has a child, our freindship is over and I know that for a fact."

"I think your right, he's spending alot more time with Majestic now, but hey, don't worry about it Courage. I'll be your friend!" Tense comfrotally pats Courage on the shoulder. "

"Thanks Tense...oh damnit, there coming! I have to get back to work! Alright soldiers, you'd better do good on this missionor I'll get so medival on your asses!" Courage turns to Breeze and Majestic. "There all ready."

"Woah, now get them on the Cyber Force!" Majestic yells in rage.

Courage's left eye twitches. "Like I told you before, I ain't taking no orders from you, I only take them from Breeze. Or is your puny little brain to small to remember that?!" The andriod rolls his eyes.

"Breeze, your not going to let him talk to me like that are you!" Water fills Majestic's eyes.

Breeze tries to hold back to laughter.

"Anyways, let's get ready to leave." Courage paces off towards the Cyber Force, with the soldiers following behind him. "Okay, let's get ready troops!"

"Erg, what a bastard! I can't believe you chose him as a best friend!"

Breeze glares at Majestic then charges her into the wall. "If you ever insult Courage again! Plus I didn't chose, it was fate and I'm glad that fate chose him as my best friend, so keep your big mouth closed!" Breeze let's the serpent andriod go, and follows Courage to the ship.

"That Courage will pay for this, even if it means hurting Breeze in the process!" Majestic slowly follows the two andriods.