A Modern Day Fairy Tale

Today, in a nearby suburb, there is a teenage girl (gender, however, is irrelevant). Let's name her anyway; just for fun. How about Natalie? If you don't like Natalie you can white-out her name and insert one of your choice. Anyway, Natalie is just your average, run-of-the-mill teenager. This is the story of how she met Rehab, the Prince that saved her.

Natalie is a princess. Her parents think so, anyway. She was a very happy child until one day she had a new mommy named School. School seemed nice at first, but the more that Natalie grew, the meaner she got. School began to assign her endless chores. These chores were new to her and were tedious. Natalie did not like this homework thing

When Natalie wasn't doing her chores she met seven new friends: Car, Errand, Soccer, Drama, Girl Friends (okay, girl friends are more than one, but work with me), Appearance, and Boyfriend. She had much fun with these seven new friends, but had little time for them. They seemed to always be gone, because Natalie was so busy with School's chores.

This is around the Natalie meets her Aunt, School's sister, Peer Pressure. Peer Pressure didn't hassle Natalie too much at first. Peer Pressure didn't seem too serious at first. At first Peer Pressure would ask little things; like going to the mall during PE or staying out past curfew. But Peer Pressure started to ask too much of Natalie. Natalie didn't realize that Peer Pressure was asking too much of her.

One day when Natalie was very tired of School and chores Peer Pressure gave Natalie a poisoned apple. This apple was of the drug variety. School had warned Natalie about poisoned apples, but Natalie thought that this apple couldn't be that bad. This apple was shiny and perfectly shaped and tasted very good. The first apple didn't really do too much harm. The second or third didn't either. By the fourth, however, Natalie was sleepy.

Without getting too graphic, let's just say that Rehab found her. He kissed her lips and she woke up. But Natalie didn't really like Rehab, so she left him. But after a few more apples, she went running back to Rehab's arms.

The End

The moral of this story? There really isn't one, it's just a story.