K.C.S. Veneera
Made By: Phoenix Power Inc.

Body: Flattened Egg Shape with Long Beveled Wings.
L: 75 kilometers
W: 40 kilometers (Wing tip to wing tip)
H: 12 kilometers

Crew: 8,000 (+ area for an extra 8,000)

Hull: 2 layers Tenir (Metal Compound 2.9 Billion times stronger than polymememic, and 62x thinner.)
4 layers Armour Mesh Compound
8 layers Electricity Augmented Ablative Hull Armor

Speed: Atmosphere Engines: 1800 Km/h in atmosphere (Max speed)
680 Km/h in atmosphere (Cruising Speed)
Hyper-Ionic Pulse Drive: 2 times light speed (Max)
Wormhole Drive: 1012 x 6.4 times light speed (Max)
Quantum Ripper Drive: 1069 x 5.8 times light speed (Max)
Hyperspace Jump Drive: 1071 x 3.2 times light speed (Max)
Instantaneous Jump Drive: 75 uses per 20 days
Teleport Matrix: Instant, made for short distances only (under five light years)

Shields: 10 Layers of adaptive, multidimensional, major deflecting, rotating, and inverting shields
With antimatter protection
Impervious to ions, Emp's, soliton rays, and
Pulse energy absorption
External Layer is Metaphasic

Evasion: Sub-space Pocket, Hyperspace Bubble, Ionic Cloak, Multiphasic Hole, Scatter Frequency, Vanish, Sensor Absorption, Wormhole Bubble, Ghost, Pulsar Screen, Magnetic Coil, Sensor Flare, Croniton Flux

Weapons: 14 Dentar Cannons
-Made to fire quick pulses of antimatter to rip through hull
-6 shots a minute
8 Dagma Cutter Beams
-Electromagnetic coated concentrated plasma beam
-Continuous for 45 seconds (Max)
64 Phaser Rifles (anti-fighter)
-Photonic Laser Rifle Mounts
-Made for rapid anti-fighter attacks
-45 Rounds a minute
40 Pulsed Neutron Cannons
-Made to disable shields and evasion technologies.
-Can't do harm to hull
-Pulsed for rapid firing
36 Pulse Machine Guns (anti-fighter)
-Electromagnetic pulses that disable fighters and small cruisers for short periods of time.
6 Quantum-Gravatic Discharge Beam Cannons
-Quantum particles compressed by inert gravity that heats up beyond plasma levels and creates a wake that can push ships as it rips through them.

46 Ion Machine Guns (anti-fighter)
-Fires condensed pulses of ions that disable fighters.
30 Bathtar Electro-pulse Guns (anti-fighter)
-Electric Stream that rips through fighters
40 Ion Machine Gun Turrets (anti-fighter)
-Same as Ion Machine Gun but turret mounted for greater radius of fire
8 Torpedo Tubes
150 Micro-quantum, 60 Photon, 60 Proton, 60 Quantum, 20 Polaric, 20 Ion Storm, 20 Plasma, 10 Bezerker, 50 Shield Leeches, 20 Reckers, 20 Hyperspace, 20 Shield Inhibitors, 25 Ratar Melta, 80 Positronic

Energy: 4 Ion Reactors, 2 Binary Fission Tentacle Reactors

Accessories: 16 Tractor Beams
Internal Holoemitters Everywhere
1600 Neural Interfaces
144 Deflector Compensators (Main)
1 Holographic Battle Control Center
1500 Normal Personnel Teleporter (12.6 Light-years)
400 Cargo Teleporter (10.8 Light-years)
6 Communication Jamming Arrays
40 Anti-Grav Engines
400 Maneuvering Thrusters
2 Astrometrics Labs
40 Infirmaries
1500 10-man escape pods
60 5-man escape pods
10 Armories
100 Weapon Stations
10 Libraries
15 Arboretums
400 Cargo Bays

Fighters: 120 Darien Class Fighters
200 Quetal Class Scouts
100 Fedra Class Micro-Assault Ships

Ground Forces: 40 Mechanized Warrior Armour Suits (M-WAS)
20 Mechanized Scout Armour Suits (M-SAS)
10 Hover Tanks (Pulse Machine Guns)
20 Hover Tanks (Ion Cannons)
20 Subterranean Tanks
10 Ion Cannons (Ground to Air)

Alien Manifest: 1000 Demas (My race)
200 Jam'uto (My race)
200 Dreenar (My race)
200 Mata (My race)
200 Resba (My race)
40 Miatsu (My race)
400 kastani (My race)
350 H.s.S (My race)
15 Rass Tebatoras (Techno-Mages) (My race)

What is everything? :

Phoenix Power Inc.
-This Corporation originated on planet alpha seven. It has become the leader in creating impossible feats of weaponry from people's ideas. Each ship is different in small ways. They do sell base skins and insides, but mostly people go to them because of the level of customization people can get. All weapons and ship that they create are for sale for an unreasonable price while the originals are cheap to get for the designers of the original. This ship and half of its components were all created for this ship.

-This is a metal found in a few mountains on the Demas' home world. It has been synthetically created for purity. It has strange reactions to energy weapons: they can't even scratch it. It is so strong that when they first tried to mine it they had to destroy the mountain to get at it. To mold it they had to create a whole new technology center to find a way to melt it. At 85,000 degrees Celsius it began to melt. Any less and it stayed the same. With the augment of other layers on it; the hull of this ship is impenetrable even by its own weaponry.

Quantum Ripper Drive
-This was their solution to faster than light travel. It rips the normal layer of space and allows a ship to pass through it into the quantum layer. At first this was an unstable mode of transportation because quantum molecules move a lot and if they hit a ship it would create a quantum cascade that the ship would blow up or be pushed so far away that he could never come back. Now it is easily controlled and much faster, but there have still been reports and stories of problems.

Darien Class Fighters
-These are totally customized. They are state of the art fighters that push the known limits of acceleration, top speed, weaponry, hull, maneuverability, and shields. Acceleration is zero to half-light speed in 6.8 seconds. Top speed is 106 x 9.2 times light speed, which is unheard of in any fighter ever, created before. Most only go no more than half that. The hull is one layer if Tenir which has never been put on fighters before. It is so expensive that only the best ships get it, but here all of the fighters have it. Maneuverability is so high that hand controls are obsolete! The interface used by the pilots is mind to computer. Weaponry is mostly anti-fighter, but 50 have been fitted with anti-assault ship weaponry.

Quetal Class Scouts
-These are much like the Darien, but with more speed and a few different evasion methods. The scout's top speed is 107 x 6.2 times light speed. The evasion methods it has is Vanish, Ghost, Sensor Flare. It also has higher acceleration of zero to half-light speed in 5.2 seconds. The scout ship is also equipped with probes. It has a standard armament of twelve probes that are excellent at scanning multiple frequencies.

Fedra Class Micro-Assault Ship
-These are the middle between a full size assault ship and a fighter. It has the advantages of both. It has the speed and maneuverability, the multitude of weapons and the heavy weapons that fighters can't hold. It has two full layers of Tenir hull plating. For heavy weapons it has two Dentar cannons. It also holds a wide array of anti-fighter weaponry. It has one medical facility. They average about twice the size of a fighter. They have a minimum crew of one and a normal crew of three. It unlike any other ship its size has a Quantum Ripper Drive. This takes up a lot of power and is only used for short periods of time because it hasn't enough room for a power core powerful enough to power it longer than six hours. After six hours the core can go into overload!

Who are the Demas?
The Demas are a race that has been genetically created over 200 thousand years ago by a race that had to be more advanced than humans are now. They took the best of what was there race and mixed it with some genetic filtering and modification. The original race called Meera traveled to stars about sixty thousand years ago. Once they got to space they found that even in the artificial environment on their ships they couldn't breathe. It was a genetic flaw that occurred because of many factors, but the main one being that when there was no gravity a bone in there throat that is for defense from a parasite goes up and blocks the windpipe. This bone wasn't present in the Demas and so they traveled to space. They first colonized planets for the Meera and then the Meera were transported in Cryo to the planet. The Meera spread to five planets like this. The Demas began to see possibilities in going alone. The Demas didn't need the Meera anymore. The Demas thought that the Meera were slowing them down so the Demas just left. Of course a few stayed on each of the Meera planets. The Meera were done traveling through space. The Demas were just beginning. They set up two planets as building and mining planets and one for research and development. The Demas only need two hours of sleep every fourteen hours to be at tiptop shape.
Their metabolic rate is twenty times a human's normal rate. Their strength is much beyond a human's normal or even supernatural strength. They have better agility by sixty fold. They can jump twenty-five feet high from a standstill jump. They shot at eachother to dodge bullets for fun. They use bullet weapons for this sport of shooting eachother. It is one of their planets favourite sports. They are also very quick learners, which was the Meera's idea so that they could be trained quickly for a variety of jobs. They are not very violent in nature, but they can be when provoked. They have a very high A.Q. (Aggressiveness Quotient), which is what makes up fighting spirit. They are very vengeful, but they do it in a manner that is very intelligent: they get a third party to avenge the situation. They have never had a war and have no word for war. They do know battle because it was another thing they were well trained for. They are excellent tacticians and have much skill in hand to hand. They are known for being able to reverse engineer any technology they get their hands on.

What do the Demas look like?
The Demas are approximately seven feet tall average. They actually range from five and a half feet to eight and a half feet. They have white skin with blue swirls. There skin is more reptilian like, but very strong. Most normal knives can't cut it. They have two eyes that are further apart than ours. They can move independently, but most Demas use them like humans do. The Demas have two strong arms that have two elbows like places on each arm. Their arms hang around their knees. They have three fingers that are considerably thicker than humans do, and considerably stronger too. They have talon like feet that are very versatile and bigger than humans do. They have two hearts, one on the left, the main heart and one on the right the secondary. They have no nose but they do have three nostrils. They have exceptional ears. They hear things that are undetectable by human ears. This was built into them so they could hunt and so that they could listen to machines for anomalous sounds that even the advanced equipment of the Meera couldn't scan for. They wear clothing, but it is usually only a skintight spandex like fabric that covers their genitals. Women wear a white suit and men wear a black suit. They have bone claws for cutting things. The claws come from before the fingertips right above where a normal human nail would come from. They have cat like eyes. They have a skull structure that has basic human form with a long bone bill out the back with a small horn coming out of it.