Author's Notes: I wrote this last year sometime because I felt so different from everyone else. There was constant betrayel with boyfriends and girlfriends and the switching of partners more times than in a square dance...I thought something was wrong with me until I felt unusually cold and spiteful and wrote this out. I was mad at the world, and..Oh well. Just read it.

True and False Hearts

Every now and then, an individual is given a true heart.

The human heart has been toyed with for far too long.

People are given false hearts that pump ice through veins of wood.
And when the ice is moved through, you'd expect it to corrupt the wood inside.

Yet this isn't the case now. The wood remains perfectly sickening.

Few people are true.

Have you noticed that through school, there was always the 'in' crowd?
The 'in' crowd, with no emotions, using 'love' as an everyday term.
The 'in' crowd, with no thought as to what their words do to others.
The 'in' crowd, who always pushed away people unlike them.

Did you ever notice that? School was full of idealists who were self-centered pricks.

I don't think it was only me. You knew that crowd. Hell, you could've been in that crowd.

The unfortunate thing is that some people never grow out of that crowd.

Why couldn't things be like they were back in the Victorian ages?

Since those classic times, the sweet music of both the night and day have been tarnished and is fading.
The customs are now 'treasured' but outcasted still.
The traditions have been shot halfway to hell by God himself.
The manners have truly been forgotten.
The tastes have changed so much..
Wines have grown cheap. Chardonnay is becoming classic when for so long red wine was cherished.
Gentlemen are extremely hard to find. No one is kind anymore.

Why is this? Because of people with false hearts of ice and wood.

While the ones with true hearts that pump blood through steel are left to face the criticism of millions, I'll never know.