I'm sick of everyone doing this to me. Stop fucking putting pressure on me. You do not fuck with me like this. I have my own problems and my own beliefs and I don't need them changed by bringing my past into it. I am never talking about my problems again. Because of you people telling me of better things, like a God I should believe in. God is DEAD. God hasn't done a damn thing for me. I've tried so many times to believe in whatever the hell you've told me to. But none of it's worked. Ever. I've prayed to the God you've told me to for so long, yet all I've gotten is the traditional hell, flames and suffering all around. At this point, I'd rather surrender myself to the eternal white of my own hell. It seems much more appealing than what I'm going through.

And you aren't helping. I can't believe in a God that has done nothing for me EVER. I can't believe in that. And since I'm only a tool, hell really is appealing. I'm only here to move people along, give THEM a future when there is nothing for me. To hell with everything. Emotions are gone now. Fuck it all. And fuck you all too. You can all go to flames. I'll go back to my white prison.