She Broke the Law, now she must pay for her deeds…

The Breaker

The words that I hear on a moonlit night

My chest rises with fear and eyes widen with fright

Could these words be an omen? A message from God?

I don't know where I'm goin', it seems rather odd.

I trip in my frenzy, I'm caught in the fray.

And suddenly as I fell, I wake up to the day.

The words that I heard, cannot be replaced

As I listen to a bird crying past in post-haste.

And I wonder as I hear her, does the spirit still speak too?

And my life becomes a blur, so I must start again anew.

But the words, these words still haunt me,

Did I not stop by to kill?

But the guilt and fear spread through my skin,

'An it harm none, Do what ye' will…'

A/N: Please don't ask about this one… It's weird… Made it up in five minutes… 'Bout a girl who did something she feels she shouldn't have done… And the memory of it still haunts her… Possibly will become a story later…