through the day, i wait...

my love is on his way
through the dark, he flows
fighting for a path
and within the cold, i endure
the rashes of longing
embedded in my heart

in the night we find one another...

my soul feels light
his warm caress comforting
and his voice soothing
i smile and whisper
words of love
then we kiss

while he's with me...

i feel at ease
his arms around me
secure and gentle
i feel his breath against my skin
and pray to god
i'll never lose him

in the late, when we depart...

my montague has gone again
and i stand alone
yet in my mind
i am refreshed from his love
and i wait
for the new day to come

in my dreams...

i meet him again
when we kiss
i know i love him
we talk of times
here to come
then i wake


through the day, i wait for him...