She takes She lives
A fire in the path of lonely, haunted days
She makes She gives
A light in the wild of your twisted, sickly ways

I won't pretend to be
Another hunter in your life
A darkness on the waves of everything you're not
With a hand for holding secrets
And your simple kind of thinking
I'm just another memory that died when you forgot

A day away, I can't stay
Long enough for you to figure out
(Touch upon one secret and the rest are sure to follow)
One more way to make me pay
Make my words just fade to gray
I'll take you up on this

My ways are gonna make it
But I'll take it just to break it
Break away because you're not
Doing anymore
We'll make it just to fake it
And we'll take it for the sake of it
Being out there where we thought
To make it more

Gave away what wasn't mine
But I'm making up the answers
I'm not coming down
I won't let you analyze me
I won't make you take your own
Now that I've been found

And I'm not coming down
Today I might forget my rights
And I'm not coming down
But I'll keep starting all the fights
And I'm not coming down
Just giving up the lonely nights
I'm only wishing for a lifeline
Killing all that's in our way

And I
Tried I cried I lied
Slide away I'm holding on

Pride we never had.