I sat at the computer, waiting for a reply on a instant message. "Is she coming?" a voice asked behind me.

I turned my head and smiled at her, "I doubt it, her mom doesn't think it's safe."

"Did you offer to talk to her mom?" she asks exasperated.

"Yes, Hannah, I offered to talk to her mom, her dad, her great aunt Mildred but a KKK protest isn't something you really want your daughter going to."

She senced that I was getting upset so she came behind me and started rubbing my shoulders, "It's not a protest, it's a ... demonstaration."

I laughed, "That sounds worse Hannah. Besides Chris is coming. And we're meeting that group there. The Postive Youth group."

"I know, I just thought it would be good to bring Destiny, you know? She's never been to a silent protest. She didn't even know what it was."

I sigh, closing the window, "Yeah I know. I guess there's always next time."

She leaned over and kissed my cheek, "Next time." she assures.

"Wouldn't it be great if there was no next time?" I asked.

"Yeah, too bad we can instantly inlighten those ignorant assholes." I nod, "Oh, I'm sorry sweetie! I forgot."

I just shake my head, "Don't be sorry. You're completly right." I start tearing up, "I love him Hannah, I love him so much. Underneath all that uglyness there's a wonderful person."

"I know Kate, I know. That's why we do these things. To reach out to guys like him." I nod and she hugs me. "I love you."

"I love you too. What would I do without you?" I ask kissing her.

She smiles, "I have no idea." The she smacks me, "Come on, get your rear in gear. We still have to pick up Chris."

I wip away the tears and grin at her goofy behavior, "Yeah, yeah."


We arrive at the rally; Hannah, Chris and I and we join up with the kids from Postive Youth. "Okay guys, this is a silent protest. Which means..." the leader asks.

"No yelling!" a boy yells.

They all laugh, "Correct Adam, no yelling. No matter what they say or do to us we stay silent. We are here to show our numbers. Any negitive actions will be counter productive."

We all understand the rules and Hannah and I make our way to the front of the line. "Here we go." Hannah says hugging me. I smile and I am so thankful I have her with me. No matter how many of these we do it never gets any easier.

People start filling in. The older ones don't say much, just look down their noses at us. Hundreds of people have congragated behind me. The younger ones are the worse. They scream and yell and some ever throw things at us. Still we stand strong.

A girl, with long reddish black hair stands in front of me, "Fucking nigger loving, queers. It's people like you jew lovers that are curropting America." then she spits at me.

This girl who is barely sixteen spits at me. Then a boy head and shoulders taller than her appears. His head is shaved to the skin and his t-shirt promotes hatred in every form. "Come on Shannon, leave them alone." She looks over at him in awe, "We need to get a seat."

She nods and he begins to led her away, "Robby!" I yell at the skinhead.

"Yeah?" he asks turning around.

The entire, silent group behind me burns me with their stares while his group of friends is stunned that I know him. "Mom wants to know if you're going to be home by five, she's making heart attack chicken."

He thinks for a minute, "Yeah, I've got to take a few people home then I'll be home."

I nod and he starts to walk away, "Robby!" I call out once more.

"Yeah Kate."

"I love you." I say tears silently falling down my face.

He rolls his eyes and waves good bye, "I love you too."

When he disapears inside Hannah puts her arm around me and I start to sob. This continuely gets harder, more painful. But I think of my brother. My sixteen year old little brother, lost in a swirl of hatred, confusion and fear and I know why I do it. He may break my heart each time but I'll still be there.

Because he's my brother.

And I love him.

And now I'm crying. This didn't actually happen but it is based on real events. All the names and personalities of the people are real. (I'm actually not too sure about Shannon but the rest are completly accurate). My baby brother is a racist nazi and it rips me apart...