Under The Rug

Mr. Curtis was a very strange man. His friends however would have been
quick to correct you if you called him that. "Eccentric" they would say. " He is some what eccentric but certainly not strange." But friends are often blind to the truth while observers notice it instantly (but the reverse can be just as
true, if not more so). So we will continue with the image that Mr. Curtis was
I can give you several examples of his strangeness. For one, he always wore exactly the same clothes. Some people insisted that he even slept in them. For another, he refused to eat scrambled eggs. He said that they
reminded him of brains. So it was no surprise to anyone when he started
telling people that there where things living under his carpet.
He became obsessed with the rug-dwellers as he called them. That each
occupied a floor of his house although they would sometimes meet on the stairs and throw a party. Mr. Curtis always provided the refreshments at these. Cake, he said chocolate cake, was their favorite.
He enjoyed his life with the rug-dwellers but sometimes strange things would happen. For instance, one day his dog disappeared. Mr. Curtis felt
bad but assumed he had run away and got a new one.
Two weeks later it happened again. He looked everywhere but he couldn't find him. He started to get a slight suspicion of the rug-dwellers having had something to do with this and didn't get a new dog.
One day he invited his best friend Mr. Smith over for lunch. He left the room for more sandwiches and when he can back Mr. Smith was gone.
However, there was a large lump in the carpet that hadn't been there before.
Mr. Curtis started to scream " He's under the rug! He's under the rug!"
The neighbors heard his screaming and thought he was hurt, so they
called an ambulance. It came and the paramedics got out. They went inside
his house and took him out still yelling "He's under the rug! He's under the rug!"
Mr. Curtis now lives in an insane asylum. Recently his house was torn
down to make room for a drugstore. The whereabouts of Mr. Smith is still
a mystery. Of course he couldn't possible be under the carpet. That is
completely absurd-or is it?

The End