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Ben was walking towards the tennis courts. In the distance he could see his best friend Bryan practicing his serves They were beginning to look professional! He held his bag extra tight, and ran towards the court shouting to let Bryan know he was coming.

Ben! You're here!
Yeah! What's up?
Eh, not much. Just practicing, you know... Bryan answered as Ben opened the metal door to get into the court. Where have you been? I was just about to leave.
Oh, my mom hadn't come home from work, so I couldnt get a ride. Sorry. He was feeling bad that kept Bryan waiting. Ben was usually on time, and he wanted to keep up the good habit.
He pulled out his racket and ran into position. He nodded his head as a ready signal, and the next thing he knew, he jumped up and whacked the ball with all his might. He was a good jumper, as Bryan was tall and he short. Bryan hit the ball back with a great backhand that Ben just couldn't hit back. But soon he did a so awesome smash that Bryan fell trying to return it.
Then something strange happened. Bryan just vanished. Two figures appeared - one dark and one light. Ben decided to walk towards them, and as he approached the dark one, it started to fade. He didn't want to loose it, so he ran with great speed towards it. But he wasn't fast enough. The dark figure had completely vanished. The light one was just as clear and bright as ever. He was pondering whether to go towards it when...

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