U.S.S. Athenia-4907625
Class: Trinity (Micro-assault Ship)

Size: L: 48 meters
W: 25 meters
H: 5 meters

Crew: 3 (Max 5)

Ship Stations: Shields/Operations
2 Extra Multipurpose Configurable Consoles

Hull: Multiphasic Tritanium Mesh coated with a Semi-Techno-Organic Compound

Shields: Rotating, Metaphasic, Augmented, and Dual Layer

Speed: Impulse
Hyperstatic Impulse (Using Max Burn on Twin Hi-Rad Quantum Engines)
Quantum Slipstream

Weapons: 2 Twin Ion Covered Pulsed Phaser Banks with Automodulation
1 Forward Torpedo Tube (45 Quantum Torpedoes, 5 Mark XX Probes)
1 Rear Pulse Phaser Bank

Accessories: 9 Deflector Compensators
1 Mark 4b Cloaking Device
2 Tractor Beams (1 forward and 1 rear)
1 Transporter Pad
2 Emergency Force Field Escape Pods (2 people each)
50 Maneuvering Thrusters
2 Internal Holoemitters (Allows holographic creations to help with ship functions)
1 Neural Control Interface Device (C.I.D. or Cid [pronounced = Sid])
2 Food Replicators
1 Docking Port (with 4 micro-tractor beam emitters)
Multiple Shield Generators and Back-ups
5 Scout Craft (Advanced Probes)

Amount Commissioned: 65 in Regular Starfleet
185 under Section 31's Command