Angel Fire

Type: Polyform Symbiotic Suit/Creature

Colours: Red, Black, Orange, and White

Description: It is a form-fitting suit. It has a black base colour with red shoulder blades. It also has
red designs on the chest area that look like two eyes designed like Venom's eyes. For his
mask he has white eyes that are spiked up. Two red lines go from the bottom of his eyes to behind his head. The lines are between the two eyes. A black cape with a red inside hangs down to his feet when he wants it to. It can be solidified and used as a shield. Usually the suit has long spikes that come from the area between the wrist and elbow and go up towards the shoulder. The blades are 16" long and sharper than a diamond, stronger too. These blades can get longer if needed and others will appear when needed in the needed areas.

Ability Factor Increases: Strength: 6x
Speed: 28x
Endurance: 65x
Stamina: 12x
Reflexes: 26x

Special Attributes: Strand Swing (Like Spiderman)
Multiple Vision Settings
Zoom Focus (up to 24x)
Internal Accessible Memory (100% recall 100% of the time)
Morph body shape, size and appearance
All senses have controlled increase factors
Touch: up to 8x
Hearing: up to 20x
Smell: up to 4x
Sight: up to 10x
Taste: up to 6x
Battle Sense (Mild form of telepathy)
Mild Magic (Level 1-3 spells)
Polyform Limbs (into weapons, keys, ect.)
Regeneration (If a weapon gets cut off the loose part will die and evaporate and the suit will grow a new one in seconds)

The Bottom Line: Think mix between Spawn and Venom and Carnage without all of the problems. The suit takes control of the host. The symbiotic suit has its own personality and wants to do certain things. It is very intelligent, but gives its host the last say. It can detach itself at any time. It likes only humanoids or species that are atleast sentient.