Finish 2-25-02

I'll make it up to you one life a day
All the countless acts we didn't need
and your promises you knew you couldn't keep
because I'm not safe enough to live on
Your precious gift is empty now
One life to live can't take its vow
and that'll make our day a little better from now on
Your only kind of fun is often when it's leaving
And whatever tries to scare you and stop you from believing
Can't have enough validity and truthfulness to go on
So maybe someday the world won't pretend
And we can take this in our hands and throw it away
Repeat what we've done might make us kind of glad
to be in our own skin
Catch that thought that they all hate
A beautiful picture so we can celebrate
Your life and time won't seem so great
When they realize that they're just too late
And then maybe we can finish what we started.