I write and no one listens,

I cry and no one feels.

I feel to see, I see to taste,

And nothing now is real.

My life is spinning ‘round in squares,

I cannot hear the end;

The dark is near, I taste it here,

My soul is now too scarred to mend.

I can’t convey the sounds I’ve seen,

The smells I thought,

The words I mean.

And all is covered in silky sheen,

As I fall to the sky again.

But when I get here, nothing’s there,

I hear the sweet scents in the air.

My tongue picks out the music notes,

And I can’t read the sights I wrote.

There’s no way now my ears can see,

My hands can’t taste,

I don’t know me.

And nothing can exist to be,

And there is nothing left to feel,

As nothing now is real.


Afterward: Well, that was… Weird. No idea where it came from (and yes, I wrote all those impossible verses on purpose). And the person saying this is certainly not me. I am a perfectly happy, sane individual! …Well, maybe not completely sane… ^^;