My Favorite Place


I wrote this in 6th grade I think. I hope you like it and please Read and Review! Thanks! =0)


My favorite place is my bedroom.

It’s so peaceful in there.

Away from all my enemies and away from the outside world.

I surround myself with books, books, and more books.

Magazines, toys, clothes.

My television with a built in VCR. Computer, radios, CDs and a CD Player. Cassettes and videotapes.

A dresser with clothes inside, necklaces, Beanie Babies and stuffed animals.

Posters of people that I like.

A desk to do my homework on.

My canopy bed with my favorite pillows on it.

A nice big window with green blinds.

My white reading lamp.

I can let out my anger when I’m feeling angry.

No mom or dad bugging me and asking me to do stuff that I don’t want to do.

No disabled sister.

I could write in my journal without any interruptions.

It feels like an apartment.

No sick people (unless I’m sick).

And best off all, No School!

I love my favorite place.