- Epilogue -

What happened after...

- The rebels won the Battle for Centra, though at the cost of many lives. Among the dead were Freya, Jhem, and over a hundred more.

- Diedra was taken to the Brotherhood base in Khoth, far to the north. However, due to the efforts of the northern rebels, she managed to escape. Unfortunately she was recaptured in the next town and sold into slavery. But all was not lost, for Diedra started her own rebellion amongst the slaves, and eventually liberated them from Brotherhood domination. Three years later she returned to the Pridelands.

- Gwyn and Deimos were married and had one daughter, whom they called Lyonesse. Lyonesse was the finest fighter in the rebellion, and at the age of eighteen, became the leader of all the southern rebels. She became known as the Queen of Kasei.

- Vixen returned to Rhym and resumed her identity as Almira de Kinsei. She became Queen of the Tribes soon after.

- Diedra and Cadwalader were married. Neither could be with the person they truly loved, so they settled for being together, and eventually found some small happiness in their situation. They had one daughter, Dwalandra.

- Mei Ling moved to Rhym, where she married a local man. Their son married Almira and became the King of Rhym.

- Mina vanished from all knowledge. Nobody knew whether she was dead or alive, and if she was indeed dead, her body was never found.

- Mohammad died by Lyonesse's hand in Khoth.

- Mina's prophecy was fulfilled - the Brotherhood was defeated when the four quadrants had queens to rule over them. After the Brotherhood's defeat, Ran de Susei of the West, Almira de Kinsei of the East, Tierra de Dosei of the North and Lyonesse de Kasei of the South joined together to form a ruling council, who presided over the land with a firm but loving hand.

- An unmanned probe was sent into orbit to locate the Alban and, hopefully, the parents of Gwyn, Diedra, Mei, Cadwalader and Jhem. However, upon reaching the vessel, it found it to be empty and derelict, the cryogenically frozen occupants long gone. No cause for the disappearance was ever found.

- Gwyn and Deimos were killed in the final battle against the Brotherhood, only inches away from the victory they had always dreamed of.

Till the war-drum throbb`d no longer, and the battle-flags were furl`d; In the parliament of man; the Federation of the world.
-Alfred Tennyson