A/N: Hey everybody! I wrote this poem for my grandfather while he was dying and read it at his funeral. It's the first poem that I've put up on ffn, so pretty please review! I really want to know what people think of it. "Je me souviens de l'amour" is dedicated to Grandpa Morris. Thanks! :~) Beccs

Je me souviens de l'amour

Je me souviens

I remember

Interest and concern

Hopes and dreams

Caring and peace

Trips to Florida

Delicious delicacies

Parrots galore

Limitless laughter

Memories by the million

Visits in New Jersey

Coats for the chill

Superb stories

Explorations of everything

Precious moments for forever

It is a treasure chest

Filled with the most precious valuable of all


I remember the love

Je me souviens de l'amour