1 Daydreamer

1.1 Dream to the Side that goes with you

On a Flying a carpet you will fly too

With Wings of Gold

And a Heart Of Sliver

You will go anywhere till you do it

2 Frogs

2.1 Frogs What thing makes them Different

There High Legs?

There Slimey Body?

Or they way they Crock

But who are they that Makes them Different

3 Seasons

3.1.1 Seasons


There is Spring to time of Love and Nature Budding

Summer the Time that Storms Come and it Gets Hot

Fall The time Leaves Fall to the Ground

Winter Cold and Snowy with Crystals on the Roof

Seasons are what makes the Year Stay Long


3.1.2 There are Days in all

The Weeks

The Months

The Years

To 335 days in a Year


Life is Started when your Born

Years pass

Your Married,a Wife

You have Children

You’re a Granny

Then you die

You go to heven and

become a Angel