1 Friends


Are there for you when your feeling Blue

Candles will go bright with laugher too

Close you eyes and you’ll see

A True friend will be Loyal and never will let

You do the most Stupid things

1.1 Love

Love can make you do the funniest things

Like Jump the Highest Mountain without wings

Or Make you Dance in the Clouds

A Angel Of Love name Cupid will use his Arrows of Love

To make you Sing a Song of a bird and Climb Around like

A ’t worry your not hurt cause with Love things

Only hurt in the heart if your heartbroken.

1.1.1 Hope

2 Hope is for a day

When we sit together and pray

Hope is a Word

That you will want no one to get hurt

When battles come and Family’s gone

You use hope so they can return

2.1.1 Colors

3 There are all different Colors

Red the Color of a Simple Rose

Orange the color of a Freshed squeezed Orange

Yellow the color of the Sunshine

Green the color of Nature

Blue is for the Sky

Indigo the color of a Sunset

Purple the Color of wings

All will make up a Flower

But all the colors together

Will form a Rainbow

3.1.1 Ball

4 Balls round and full of a Bounce

Balls can be all different sizes

A ball can have a million designs

But only one ball alone can face the Power of reality