The Hospital

"Craig, if you can hear me, I just want you to know I love you as you are my baby brother. I just hope you can hear me now because I am going to tell you about the accident. So you know you can survive now."

Craig Allen is a typical happy, healthy three-year-old boy. He has a lovely round face with angelic features, big blue eyes, and a mop of blond hair-which frames his head like a halo-. He also has the sweetest smile in the whole world. He could clearly have been an angel. He lives in a small quiet neighbourhood in his semi-detached house. He lives with his mother and sister. His mother, Leanne, is thirty-five-years old. She has long brown hair and green eyes, she works in the nursing home just out of town. She is a single mother to two; her husband had died in a car accident while arriving home from work two years before, so now she is extra careful when it comes to the roads. Samantha is eight-years-old, with short brown hair, brown eyes and a slim figure. She goes to the town's primary school, and is very bright in her schoolwork. She would pick up something and remember it forever; she still remembers her father even though she only knew him for six years. Craig, on the other hand, goes to the day-care centre on Monday's, Wednesday's and every other Friday. He is getting ready to start school in the summer-once the new term starts.

But just now he has no worries about school and he is enjoying a day out in town with his mother. She has treated him to new clothes and shoes, as he is a fast growing boy and he needs new clothes frequently. She has just bought him some red trainers with little white stripes and white soles. Earlier she had gotten him a couple of pairs of jogging bottoms, a few t-shirts and some jeans. He had been so desperate to wear them that he had been allowed to wear the jogging bottoms and a t-shirt out of the shop. He had put on the red matching pair, as they were his favourite, so Leanne had put the red trainers on to match.

They were on their way to buy Craig some new underwear when Leanne's phone rang. One of the other nurses had phoned in sick and they needed more staff. She did everything she could to get out of it, but there was no possible way. She just had to take Craig to their next-door neighbour's house, where Samantha was awaiting her mother's return. The child minder would have been watching them but she had to go into hospital, as her sister had gone into labour that morning. So she had asked their next-door neighbour, Mrs. Tweed, to look after them. Leanne took Craig to Mrs. Tweed's house, gave him and Samantha a kiss on the forehead: which she always done, and then left for work.

"You, Craig, you. She left you with me and our next-door neighbour. Our next-door neighbour, old Mrs. Tweed. She never did anything to stop you from going on to the road. She could have but he never, she never. I will never forgive her."

Craig and Samantha sat quietly for about an hour, but being children could not resist the bright sun and blue skies outside they begged to go to the beach, but Mrs. Tweed was to old to take them down to the beach. So instead she took them to the play park across the road. Craig satisfied himself with his football, Samantha played on the swings and Mrs. Tweed sat on the bench and started her knitting.

Suddenly Craig fell over, his chin bounced off the ball, and him being a typical boy he chased after it. A car was just rounding the corner, Samantha seen it and started to run towards Craig. But she was to late. The car hit him. He was flung across to the other side of the road. Samantha couldn't look, she had to turn away. Everything seemed to go in slow motion. The car, Craig getting tossed over to the other side of the road as if he were a discarded rag doll. Then there was the deafening silence after the car breaks stopped squealing. Not only that, Samantha's breath almost came to a halt. The driver looked out the window with a look of panic on his face then drove on as if nothing had happened. Samantha ran into the house to phone an ambulance then returned to her brother's side. The ambulance arrived shortly and took both of them away.

"That's how we are here now. So if you can survive all that then surely you can survive this. Please hang on, Craig. I love you, Craig." She threw her arms around his small form. "No matter what happens I will always love you."


"Mum, I've," she took a short breath. "I've told him what happened and…" she broke down into tears.

"It's alright Sammy," her mother comforted, "you have done what you could."

Just then Craig's heartbeat slowed and the nurses started to rush in.

"NO! Craig!" Samantha screamed at the top of her lungs.

"Come on Sammy." Her mother said, as she pulled the struggling Samantha away.

"No, Craig, hang on, Craig. Think of what you've been through. Think of us, think of your family. Please hang on, Craig. Please!"

Samantha and Leanne waited outside until the nurse came out with the news.

"We're sorry, but Craig has passed on."

"No! He can't have. He hasn't," Samantha, cried as she burst through the doors to the room where Craig lay, breathless, still. He lay on the bed his shirt unbuttoned, the monitors and everything silent. Everything was too quiet. Yet the sound was deafening. He lay there silently as Samantha cried at his bedside. The very same place where she sat and talked to him last, where she reminded him how much she loved him, how much she cared. All she wanted now, was him back.