Broken Wings

by Kaeera

Spirit has left

leaving soulless Eyes

Closing the windows to the soul

Mind destroyed

Just faded images of a better life


Shattered Dreams

Once full of fantasy, of life

Now dead and black

Pieces lying on the ground


Lost hope

Shadow darkening the sun


One Shadow

destroyed every hope

every laughter, smile, cry, spirit, dream, memory


Wings are Broken

Were meant to fly

Remaining on the ground


Eyes staring into the space

Not seeing their surroundings

Unable to shine with laughter

Unable to glint with mischief



Birds singing in the trees

Sun shining

Warming the white covers

And sometimes

the hint of a smile



But there

Hope begins to grow

Broken Wings

You can't repair them


But you can learn to live with them

Why did I write this? I don't know...I listened to a certain song in the radio, and it really touched me. Suddenly I had two words in my head :Broken Wings. They didn't leave me in peace, so I wrote this. Maybe you can figure out about what it is. If not, then mail me(or ask in the review) and I will explain you. But I guess if you think a little bit, you will know it. It's a terrible topic, and I never can understand some people...Sorry. I just had to write it down. I love this line. Broken Wings. Hmmm. Maybe I'll write a story about this topic. I don't know.

Kaeera (kaeera )