Courage, a memorial essay

To plunge through the fiery air

Risking their lives without a care

The lives of others being all they thought of

The flames had ignited their courage with a shove

Some, their lives were lost

Out into the black of death were tossed

But many saved others or were themselves saved,

And went into the daylight dazed

Courage is an emotion, but also a quality. Some creatures have it, some creatures do not, and some have it buried deep inside, waiting for the right situation to come along. Then it will spring up from its hiding place and influence the person. Courage can come along with determination. When you become determined, you are strengthening your courage. It is like taking a tank and adding a layer of armor. Now, no matter what happens you will stick it out, you will see whatever it is to the end. Courage is bravery and fear mixed together. When you can overcome your fears and do what you must you are displaying courage. For fear can be but a small mouse, never growing, and then beside it courage and determination glowing, a large golden lion. Fear can also be like a wildfire. If you let it do as it wishes, then it will grow out of control and destroy you. Courage, however is like a wellspring within you. If you believe in what you are doing then the spring will never dry up. Sometimes courage is like a match. It lights the sticks of Hope, and Determination. Even if the match then goes out, Hope and Determination will burn and live on.

The firemen and policemen went in the World Trade Centers to save others who were not even close to them. Some of them died in there, saving the lives of others. Their candles went out, to stop a draft from putting out other candles. The hopes and dreams of those people were destroyed for others. They did not have to get employed as a firefighter or policeman. They chose it. Many of us would not been able to enter that damaged building, putting our lives in danger, whether we have not the training, or the courage. I am sure that some of them were scared, but they still went into those close to toppling buildings. Those buildings which would soon fall upon their heads, crushing or burying them beneath rubble, maybe never to be found. They gave their life for what they knew was a good cause. Think about it. That one fireman might have given his life so that one old woman might be able to get down the stairs. Maybe that policeman might have given his life to save a few young men from being caught underneath a huge steel girder. Every day we pass the fire station, pass the police station, pass fire trucks or police cars, maybe see a police officer standing at the corner, but do we really appreciate them or are they merely fixtures, standing or sitting there everyday. Next time you see a policeman, say hi, acknowledge that he is more than a living fixture in our community.

The men who were on a plane destined for a major U.S. government site dared to stand up and fight against armed terrorists who had hijacked the plane. They knew they were going to die, so they dared to use their lives to save others. That was courage. How many of you would have dared to do that? Think carefully. Don't just throw a yes or no answer at yourself, think would I really be able to do that? I am not sure if I could. Could you?

By their courage, we survive

A million disasters, and yet they strive

To work harder, save more hopes and dreams

Which makes this country's patriotism come in streams

These people do or did more than us

And so we must award them honor and trust