This Modern Fairy Tale - 04/01/02

Once upon a time
There was a teenage girl
She hated her life
She hated the world

She lived in luxury
Bored with everyday
She wanted adventure
To pave her own way

She looked happy enough
Content, full of peace
But inside her, all she had
Were fears that wouldn't cease

She had no one to talk to
On no shoulders could she cry
All she ever wanted
Were the things money can't buy

But one day she found a pen
With some paper as well
Her feelings came pouring out
And now, there do they dwell

She's in love with happy endings,
In love with life,
She'll probably persevere,
And endure the lasting strife

But who knows what'll happen
In this modern fairy tale
I'm not done writing it yet-
Will I succeed or will I fail?