First Love First Love
written by Sandiya

This is my first short story, and one kind of based on life. My terrific, wonderful pals, Sasha and Jamie, offered me the basic plot to do whatever I wanted with ^_^ Arigatou! Ever so grateful! Mm-kay, well, this is dedicated to them and everyone who remembers their first love.

Sandra Marks stepped into her warm fuzzy slippers, picked up a loose-leaf piece of paper, and stretched onto her large windowsill just about covered with soft navy blue pillows. She reached to the side with her hand and opened the large window, breathing in the fresh breeze that passed by.

Kayla, her baby sister, walked in dressed in her light yellow suit. Her large, rosy-cheeked face was covered in strawberry ice cream and her dark brown hair was tangled in itself. Kayla didn't seem to notice this, and gave a big hug to her sister and left the room. Even at her young age of five, she knew that Sandy, as she referred to her sister, enjoyed being alone.

Tasting the ice cream on her finger, she leaned back in thought, picking up and twisting a pen around in her hand. Finally, Sandy dropped her pen to the paper and began to write.

"This feeling I's like eating ice cream so fast that it rushes to my head...but instead it rushes to my heart. It's not like I haven't realized that we belong to different worlds, and that we have our differences, but I think I'm certain that I feel more than just friendship for Shawn..."

She blew a long blond strand of hair away from her eye and continued.

"Sure, he doesn't have the sense of humor of Joshua or the wild risk-taking attitude of Mark's...but I feel like we're bonded in some way. Most of my friends dislike Shawn... probably because he isn't part of our clique. It makes no sense...they always make fun of the guys in our group. Anyway, when I see that twinkle in his eye during history or English or any other subject, I wish he would think of me in that same manner. We've talked so many times, but I get the idea that he'd rather be talking to a fence post than me. Am I really so superficial? So superficial that I can't love someone as truly and deeply as any artist or poet in his clique?"

Shawn Athans walked down Four Mile Road to Sunshine Avenue, and smiled solemnly at the ironic sense of the name. "Sunshine...the sun with its vibrant rays bursting through the bleakness of our world. Pity it's nighttime..."

The confident brown eyes searched the land around him, but he couldn't quite say what he was looking for. His thick, dark hair hung over the sides of his head, his lips turned into a smile when everyone least expected it, and although you couldn't see it, he had a beating, loving heart.

Irene used to try to break through the ice that led to his soul, but she never could, not in all of three years. "There's only one girl who could do that," he muttered. "And why would she think twice about me?"

He got his first glimpse of her when he was ten. Their mothers were distant friends, and every once in a while they managed to meet, and he happened to be along when this first happened. Shawn laughed as he remembered it...


"Hi!" cried a young, pretty girl, her long auburn hair in a French braid. Her blue eyes lit up at seeing him, the only person her age she had seen all summer. It had to be a boy, but still, anything was better than zip.

"Hey..." he mumbled, never meeting her playful gaze. He was a shy person, always had been.

"Do you want to play or something?"

Ten-year old Shawn dug his foot in the ground and shook his head slowly. "No, I'm okay. You can leave me alone."

"Well...alright, if that's what you want. You can play with me when you feel like it, k?"

~End flashback~

He had watched her all day, and finally he decided to play as well. They'd gotten along just fine until middle school, where the atmosphere shifted, and the same children who had all played together on the same playground broke up into several categories, and rarely hung out with more than one. So he had watched her be with the jocks and the preppies, while he joined the poets and the artists. The only problem he had with it was that he missed her...but did she ever think about him anymore?

Finally done with her newest journal entry, Sandy yawned and sighed. "You know, I just might never tell him. Why would he want to know, anyway?"

With those words, fate decided to step in. A sudden gust of wind entered her room, whished by, and snatched the paper from the sill.

It floated until it fell neatly, a couple steps in front of Shawn. "Littering...if there's one thing I can't stand..." he thought.

He looked around, as if the culprit would spring out behind a tree any minute. When the person didn't, he picked it up, and when he realized there was writing on it, he started to focuse on the words...

"No!" a voice cried out, shrill and excited beyond belief. In the next three minutes, she had snatched the paper from his hands, and yelped, "Don't touch it!

I don't want your hands on my work!" Inside...she hoped desperately that he hadn't read it, for sake of her mind...but also, she hoped he had, so that he knew all, and in doing so, relieved her heart.

"Don't get so worked up over yourself, Sandra. It's probably not that good anyway."

She whistled with relief, able to breathe again. So he hadn't read it.

Sandra turned, balling up the paper in her fist.

"I mean, there's other ways to say I love you..."

Shawn's voice echoed in her mind, those incriminating words coming to haunt her again.

Her astonished face turned crimson with embarrassment. Maybe she could still play her way out of this one...she stammered, "I...I love you? What do you mean by that, Shawn?"

He grinned in an annoying boyish way. "Exactly what I said. That letter's for me, isn't it?"

~It isn't possible...he couldn't have read it that fast!~ she thought.

Suddenly, she felt his arms enveloped around her, and a warm tingle ran up her spine. Oh, he'd hugged her before, but then she'd been ten. She whispered, " you really know?"

"Yes, Sandy..." he smiled lopsidedly, just as if he'd been the first to wake up on Christmas morning. "I, I guess I read it. Why couldn't you tell me before?"

"I was afraid...of rejection, I guess."

"Same here...I would've told you ages ago otherwise."

"To new beginnings?" she said hopefully, a youthful look in her beaming eyes.

"Definitely," he agreed, looking straight into her adoring gaze for the first time.

They stood there awkwardly, not knowing what to say thereafter; it wasn't everyday you found someone that you really cared for.

She broke the silence. "A kiss...all meetings like this end in a kiss!" she giggled.

He laughed and kissed her on the forehead. "There you have it."

"No, this..." she trailed off as their lips met, and to this minute, I think they're standing there, their shadowy silhouettes against the pale brilliance of the sun...

Did you like it? ^_^ Please let me know if you did! Fluffy, ne? Later, everyone!