Someone's trying to kill me; slowly until I die

Die a horrible painful death; dying as I cry

Someone's trying to torture me; tear away my pride

That someone always laughs, taunts, it's always lied

Someone's trying to take my soul; burn my courage away

This fire is making my fear; until I'm scared every day

Why cant you leave me alone; let my soul rest

At least some of my soul; at least what's left

Why cant you let me be; I cant even take a breath

Because I know what's waiting for me; it's a thing called death

Something's always out there; laughing at my fear

It's always there watching me; it's always here

Something's out to get me; I can see it in my dreams

My dreams are filled with pain, and end so quickly it seems

Something's always scaring me; grinning as I fall

I try to get up, but I fail, I'm not succeeding at all

Why cant you leave me alone; why do you have to stay?

Your always with me; time you always stray

Why cant you let me be? Seeing me like this makes you have fun

Well, something's always watching me; guess what? Your that someone