Hippety Boppity Boo

Hippety Boppity Boo
The cat fell down the loo
The dog was hungry and so followed it
And the cat said 'Oh shit'

So the mouse sat back and cackled
But it was a toy so it rattled
And then the toilet was flushed and the cat turned to goo
Hippety boppity boo

Hippety boppity buppabated
The dog was magic so it levitated
It flew across the room and out the door
And the mouse cried 'More. More'

But the dog crashed into a lorry
And got dumped in a corrie
So the mouse said 'Ommm' and meditated
Hippety boppity buppabated

Hippety boppity borrie
The dog ran out the corrie
He attacked the mouse and cut off its head
And said 'Ha, you're dead!'


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