Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved everyone she knew. No matter what. It didn’t mater if they were fat, thin, short, tall, ugly, beautiful; she loved them all. Everyone loved her in return also. Except one. In the deepest realms of the Land of Gilitane*, there lived a women who was quite evil and she despised every thing that everyone loved. If everyone loved flowers, she loved thorns; if everyone loved pork, she loved beef. No one was quite sure why though. But there was a quite logical reason for this even though it would seem kind of foolish in our own land. Basically, like every story, she was an outcast and no one wanted to even think about her! But, that is the reason for this tale.

Let us forget about the evil women for now and think back to the first thing I mentioned first. The girl. She wasn’t ordinary. She was rather beautiful with long, silky chocolate hair that stopped at the middle of her back and curled a little at the ends. Her eyes were a beautiful green that darkened to a beautiful jade color when she laughed and sung. She was about 5’8â€