Bank Heist

Written by Gabe Ricard

Andrew and I where always an odd pair. I was considered a brain and he was the bad ass type person. None the less we became quick friends in high school and stayed friends all the way through. Neither of us had plans for college so we moved from the tourist trap of Ucluelet and and bought an apartment in Vancouver. Unfortunately, My plan of starting a restaurant fell through when my rich bitch girl friend dumped me. Now I'm standing outside the Bank of Canada wearing a ski mask that covers everything but the eyes and holding a shotgun. "Are you sure this is a good idea? Once was good enough." I said referring to our first bank robbery nearly two years ago that had unfortunately resulted in several people being shot.

"Do you have a better idea for paying the rent? Our jobs wont be able to make up we owe and you know that ass hole loan shark said we'd be dead if we don't pay up everything we owe." I tried to protest but fell silent, knowing he was right. Andrew loaded up his shotgun and turned to the driver Michelle his girlfriend. "You wait here and the second we get out the door start to drive and scoop us up as you do."

Michelle nodded and kissed him, "Be careful baby."

"You know I will. In and out I promise." He turned back to me, "ready?"

"Not really." I replied.

"Good, lets go," he said putting on his sky mask while splitting the shotgun into his black trench coat while I did the same. A moment later we both jumped out of the van and quickly walked into the back which to my surprise had no guards at the door.

"Okay mother fuckers, this is a robbery, put your god damn hands up and If I see any hands slip under a table I'll blow your fucking teeth out the back of your head!" Yelled Andrew whipping the shotgun out and pointing it at everyone with the speed of a pro. He turned to me and threw me a plastic bag. "You grab wallets from everyone. I've got it under control here."

"I nodded and opened the bag. "Okay everyone just do like we say and you can all go home body parts intact." I walked along the lineups of people watching them throw their wallets and purses into the bag with a mixture of fear, disdain and anger.

"Are we done yet?" I asked as the last wallet fell into the garbage bag.

Andrew turned around holding a large garbage bag of money in his hand. "Yep, lets get out of here before the cops co-" Andrews words where cut short as the much revered sound of police sirens blared into the parking lot. "Go check and make sure that's not what I think it is." I ran over to a nearby window and peaked out, seeing five police cars now stationed in front of the bank with nearly a dozen cops outside armed with guns.

"Fuck fuck fuck fuck! There's five fucking cars out there!"

Andrew turned white for a moment then sighed. "Just great."

"They know there's people in here so we have some time to think of a plan." I suggested wishing at that moment I had gone to college after all.

"I know and I've got a plan. With that he pulled a cell phone out of his trench coat and turned to me. "Watch these jack offs I'll be back in a second." I nodded and watched as Andrew ran down a hall ducking into the 3rd door on his left.

"Okay it's all set up." He whispered to after returning a few minutes later. Michelle is going to ram through the cop cars. Since there's only six thus far I'm hoping it will be enough to distract them long enough for us to run out shooting and jump into the ride and speed off."

"Your insane. That will never work!"

"You got a better idea. Now hurry, we're going to make the jump in five minutes before they call in more cops."

"Sure thing." I sighed slumping into a chair.

Andrew raised his gun higher and walked around in a circle aiming the gun at everyone in site. "Stay on the ground and don't move a fucking inch!" He kept his gun raised as he walked over to where I was sitting and jumped up on the coffee table still eyeing the entire room.

"How ya doing man?" he asked taking a deep breath.

"Pretty good all things considered." I replied placing my hand on my forehead and breathing heavily several times.

"Well remember how good we're gonna be off when this is all over."

"Of course I remember. If it wasn't for that I would never have even considered helping you out on this."

"Your such a friend," he laughed. "You remember that time in 11th grade when we had to spend a month in detention and that girl, what was her name again?"

"Vanessa." I replied thinking about it for a moment.

"Yea, that's it. Anyway, remember how she practically fell in love with you because she was there for most of the month and took off her top and was about to jump on top of you just as I came back in with Mrs. Henderson behind me?"

I chuckled a bit. "Yea, we had some good times back then."

"Yea we sure did." As Andrew said this his watch began beeping like crazy and he jumped up and aimed his shotgun at everyone. "Okay everyone we're gonna be high tailing it out of here pretty soon so I'm gonna ask ya once and only once to stay right where you are." He turned to me, "Come on, the second the v0an comes through we run out shooting and jump in."

"I hope this works," was all I could say my sweaty shaking hand clutching the gun.

"It will man." Andrew assured me. Within a moment both of us watched as the van spun from nowhere and rammed through the six police cars. "NOW!" Andrew screamed jumping out with me behind him.

"Andrew, you are a fucking genius," I said for the 75th time since we had jumped out of the bank nearly twelve hours ago. We where now well outside the city and in the middle of nowhere.

"I know it," grinned Andrew embracing Michelle and kissing her deeply.

"So what do we do?" I asked.

"First we'll pay off then we're heading straight to Mexico for awhile and we'll decide what we'll do then."

"Sounds good to me."

"I still can't believe how much this will go three ways," exclaimed Andrew.

"Your wrong baby," said Michelle. "It's not going three ways."

"Huh?" Andrew turned to me and without saying a word I unloaded two bullets into his chest.

"Good shot sexy." Michelle grinned leaning over my shoulder.

"W…why?" mumbled Andrew spitting out some blood.

Michelle left my shoulder and walked over to Andrew. "I don't think that really matters anymore. I just decided this was the best way to let you know I've been seeing someone else," with that she got up and walked over to me, leaning over and kissing me passionately. "Finish him off." She whispered into my ear.


"Sorry man, like she said, just business." With that I aimed my shotgun at his head and unloaded the final bullet into his head blowing most of his skull off.