Sticks by: Cleo

I don't want to sell you,
But it has to be done.
You were my first horse,
I will never forget you.
You taught me many things,
Like to have fun, laugh, or just think.
But, on the bright side, your going to someone I know.
Not some total stranger.
She deserves you.
You can be her first horse too,
You can teach her all you taught me.
Be good for her,
And never forget me.

Megan does deserve Sticks. I hope that he does as good in showing as he did for me, and making her happy as he did for me. I really don't want to sell him, but as I said it has to be done. Every time I think about it, I want to cry, and I don't doing that very often. I will miss Sticks, but I know he will make Meg happy, and that's all I want! Well, anyway, this poem shows my feelings. It is the only way I can show my feelings, I think, because I have a hard time telling people. If anyone knows what I mean. Please review!