A/N: Like the summary says this is one of the very few poems I've written that I can read again without wanting to kill myself, or at least puke. I'm extremely self-critical, I don't think I can write at all, but I guess I am pretty proud of this one. It's extremely personal, so please don't flame it, or criticise it. I can take criticism...but just not for this one.

Break Away

I find myself getting too close to you
and I turn and walk away
well I break away
and you turned and say
'please don't let your soul die'
I became cold and unfeeling
just like an ice princess
I am immuned to feeling anything
the day I waved good bye
I let my soul rest in peace
and became someone else.
Now I can say im totally at ease
with what I've done with myself
You've got no right to speak to me
unless you'd let me be
Because when I turned and walked away
I took that right with me.
Well I break away
and you turn and say
that you love me more than anything.
What a joke, what a lie!
You would rather stand aside and watch me die
than try to accept my way of life.
If you love me for who I am
then stop making me feel ashamed.
Because when I turn and break away
things would never be the same.
So don't cry for me when I break away
cry for the person whom I could've been.
If only you would let me be
I wouldn't have to break away.