I hope you enjoy this. I wrote it about a special friend
of mind who doesn't feel the same way I do.
"Love to everyone who gives me hope for tomorrow."

In Your Eyes Lies The Truth

I see the truth in your eyes.
It's burning into my soul.
I see the truth in your eyes.
I'm starting to loose control.

Please come home soon.
I need you here now.
I want you in my life.
Please come back somehow.

I cry in the dark.
I'm waiting for you to come home.
I cry in the dark.
I'm tired of being alone.

I'm out of my mind.
The truth is blinding me.
There's a light in the darkness.
You are the only one I see.

But you don't understand
My life at all.
I'm weak without you.
I stumble, I fall.
Without you there is no me,
And I could never let that be.
So please come home soon.