We were now in the year 1948. People were looking at us funny when we arrived. We didn't understand how we got there. Our time machine experiemtns must haev got messed up. The thing was. We didn't ahve our equipment. It was all gone. My house didn't exist then. Neither did Jules'. WE surely could not go there and look for anything. My watch was now gone. Our equipment gone. I now have no idea how to get back. "Jules. We have to find away to get back. We can't stay here for ever." Then he puts his hand into his pocket and pull out something. A small chip. A very small green enhanced computer chip. "How how? How did that come back with us? I don't ahve my watch.", I said. "Nothing to hard. If it's in your pocket they don't dissappear. Plus all I have to do is put this in some sort of electronic device such as a watch, or even a radio, connected to a watch.'' , he said. "Bright idea man. Now where do you suppose. Ah yes. I know where to go right now. My grandmas house. They had a radio and a wind up watch. I' sure we can do that.". We are now walking to my Nan's house. We walk in and hide behind a radio. We open the back and insert the small chip into one of it's curcuits. All of a sudden a hard rock channel from 2000 starts playing. Step one was complete. Luckily I didn't have to search too much for a watch. We opened the back up, to find gears. "Thats right. No electronic watches back in the 40's.", said Jules. " But see that wire that we took out of the radio to hook up the other wire to the computer chip? Attatch it to one of the gears.",I said. Jules attatched it to the of the gears in the watch. There wsa loud shriek on noise from the radio. We were electrocuted with a small shock and were transported again. We were now, somewhere we never thoght we would be in a million years. I got up an walked over to a mirror in the house. It was different. New kind of everything. Like I had never seen. I saw myself in the mirror. I was a grown man in a suit, with a badge on my chest that said World President.