Chapter One


Hinox was walking, shacking the ground. People ran away from this hideous, giant monster. Hinox is an ugly, one eyed, giant monster. Hinox carries off helpless maidens, and will eat them. It’s a horrible fate to be a maiden in Hyrulent, and also to be taken, for no one has ever defeated this kind of monster ever before.

Hyrulent was a very nice place to visit and to live in. Very big. People would go there all the time, until Hinox came and took half of the land, and would enter Hyrulent to take one maiden once at the end of every month.

Now, it had been four months since Hinox had entered Hyrulent. It was only the beginning of Fornan, the month of the cow in Hyrulent. Poor Jaslyn, Renardy, Gendel and Velisity, for they were the first three to be taken.

Velisity was the mother of Zeldia, a young beautiful maiden. Zeldia was very upset that her mother was taken. She would not unlock her door for food nor drink. She mourned for over eight days before she got sick and unlocked her door.