Goodbye Light

How I long for the darkness; to overcome my soul

Being filled with evil is my number one goal

Darkness why don't you come? Rescue me from the light

Fill me with hatred and envy; engulf me with your might

Oh yes, the darkness is coming; when it will I will never know

But I know it's coming; it's coming very slow

Yes! It's here, it's overtaking my heart

Now I know me and the light will be very far apart

But while evil injects my heart, I come to wonder

Is it worth leaving the light? Have I made a blunder?

No, ofcoarse not! I've longed for the darkness for a long time

And with this evil now planting into me; I know that good is a crime

Goodbye cruel light, may you drown in darkness as well

I hate you light; I bid you a goodbye and a final farewell