Obikitty: hey

Kevinb886: hey

Kevinb886: whats up

Obikitty: nm, u?

Kevinb886: nm

Kevinb886: how was ur weekend?

Obikitty: eh

Obikitty: u?

Kevinb886: same as urs

Kevinb886: i didn't even do my hw yet:-\

Obikitty: i started mine, 5 mins ago

Obikitty: :-(

Kevinb886: at least u started lol:-P

Kevinb886: i wish school was over with already!

Obikitty: i have alot to

Obikitty: me too

Obikitty: want to hear something that I think is funny but you wont like too much?

Kevinb886: ok...

Kevinb886: should i be scared?

Kevinb886: or disturbed?

Obikitty: yes

Obikitty: and yes

Kevinb886: ok

Kevinb886: i'll be brave

Kevinb886: tell me!

Obikitty: here goes

Obikitty: u know how carrie and I had to dissect a rat on fri?

Kevinb886: yes

Obikitty: well she chose a guy rat

Kevinb886: yes...

Obikitty: I was freakin out becaue it looked so sad and we had to break its arms and tie it up

Obikitty: So

Obikitty: Carrie tells me that I wont pass out or be sick because she was going to tell me jokes

Kevinb886: and then

Obikitty: and we decided to pretend the rat was you

Obikitty: lol

Kevinb886: u bit*hes!

Obikitty: any way sorry to say cut u to ribbons

Obikitty: rofl

Kevinb886: does she know

Kevinb886: u guys are evil

Kevinb886: carrie will die!

Obikitty: no! course not. She wouldnt of cut off your *explative* if she did. ROFL! God iam crying over here! LOL

Obikitty: :-D

Kevinb886: evil, EVIL girls

Obikitty: hehe

Obikitty: :-D

Kevinb886: stop laughing

Obikitty: cant keep picturing Kevin the rat

Obikitty: lol

Obikitty: :-D

Obikitty: though u did look pretty sad

Obikitty: lol

Kevinb886: y...?!

Kevinb886: i don't even know what to say

Obikitty: blame carrie

Obikitty: *evil grin*

Kevinb886: i should, u aren't brilliant enough to orchestrate something of that caliber

Obikitty: lol probably not

Kevinb886: i hate to admit it...but it does have amusement to it:- P

Obikitty: doesnt it,?

Obikitty: it was really hard to find your trachea

Obikitty: and you had just eaten before you died

Obikitty: we were gonna cut open your stomach and see what your last meal was, but we didnt have the guts

Obikitty: the bad pun WAS intended

Obikitty: ;-)

Kevinb886: were my insides fresh or dried up?

Obikitty: when we cut you open, you drained into the pan and it almost overflowed with rat juice...

Obikitty: yuck

Obikitty: :-\

Kevinb886: at least i was fresh

Kevinb886: was i skinny?

Obikitty: you were average weight I guess

Obikitty: self concsious arent we?

Kevinb886: so every comment u said about the rat was using my name?

Obikitty: lol

Obikitty: we named him Kevin

Kevinb886: where's me now?

Obikitty: carrie through you in garbage bag ond then washed all your juices out of the pan.

Obikitty: threw*

Obikitty: and*

Obikitty: sorry bout that, but funerals are so expensive

Obikitty: and well, u were a rat

Kevinb886: so i was packed in with other rats

Obikitty: pretty much

Kevinb886: were u sad at the loss of me?

Obikitty: ummmm

Obikitty: sure

Obikitty: you smelt kinda funky though...

Obikitty: :-\

Kevinb886: did u tell mrs nardone about ur little joke?

Obikitty: no, i think it might of upset her, seeing as she showed us ALL the parts of ur anatomy*blushes*

plus she might have made us see the school psychiarist

Obikitty: *bursts out laughing*

Obikitty: :-D

Kevinb886: i had her last yr, so she might definitely think ur strange

Obikitty: maybe we should tell her... nah

Kevinb886: that would be just wrong

Kevinb886: i g2g

Kevinb886: ttyl

Kevinb886: bye

Obikitty: ciao