Kevinb886: what are u doing!

Obikitty: I got kicked off again!

Kevinb886: y?

Kevinb886: the im gods hate u?

Obikitty: i dont know

Kevinb886: think about it

Obikitty: no i think its the aol gods

Kevinb886: oh

Kevinb886: when are u going to do the double phone/shoe thing?

Obikitty: some time in the way distant future

Kevinb886: tomorrow sounds good

Kevinb886: u have to do it!

Kevinb886: and then i have to take a picture for good memories[]

Obikitty: ack

Kevinb886: please...

Kevinb886: i'll worship u until u die

Obikitty: your lying

Kevinb886: no i'm not

Obikitty: uh-huh

Kevinb886: i would respect u if u had enough courage to make urself a fool in public

Obikitty: dont you mean make a fool of myself in public...AGAIN

Kevinb886: no one was watching the first time

Kevinb886: u can go down in history if u do it this time

Obikitty: i did it twice, and i didnt know they werent so the courage was still there

Kevinb886: but u didn't do it with both shoes

Kevinb886: that would be funny

Obikitty: it was funny with 1 shoe!

Kevinb886: everyone would respect u if u made urself an idiot in public

Kevinb886: it would be funnier with 2 shoes!

Obikitty: 1st off already an idiot, they missed it.

2nd off, no they wouldnt

and 3rf off, no it wouldnt, its not quantity its quality!

Kevinb886: if u were my friend, u would do it!11

Obikitty: 11?

Kevinb886: i accidently let go of shift

Obikitty: oic

Obikitty: guess what

Kevinb886: but still

Kevinb886: what?

Obikitty: Amanda agreed to be our comic supervillan

Kevinb886: totalitarian leader in charge of sheeps?

Obikitty: yep

Obikitty: and its our mission to stop her before she takes over the world!

Obikitty: Tisha says she wants to join to

Kevinb886: i think u should have the power of taking phone calls from ur shoes

Kevinb886: at the same time

Obikitty: iam an alien, it could happen

Kevinb886: it should

Kevinb886: and u should do it in real life so that when someone draws our comic they know what it lookslike

Obikitty: but if i can, so can u. we are from the same planet after all, kevinator

Obikitty: lol

Kevinb886: but i haven't developed my talents yet

Obikitty: Carrie insist u be Rat Boy, though

Kevinb886: i model myself after u

Obikitty: poor misguided fool

Kevinb886: if i have to be rat boy then i'm not doing it

Obikitty: fine, you can be the Kevinator, or make up a new one

Kevinb886: or if u do the double shoe thing in public then and only then will i agree to be rat boy

Obikitty: carrie wants you to be Rat Boy, get her to do the shoe thing!

Kevinb886: u have to do it!

Kevinb886: carrie is the ringer

Obikitty: nope

Obikitty: I dont have to do anything

Obikitty: nananananana

Obikitty: []

Kevinb886: then i'm not going to be in the comic

Kevinb886: if u put me in, then i'll report u for mental harassment

Obikitty: too late you already agreed to it

Kevinb886: i never said i agreed and u don't have written down proof with my signature that i agreed with the signature with 2 witnesses

Obikitty: i told 5 people about how u agreed

Kevinb886: fine, i'll just report u for mental harassment!

Obikitty: your parents wont let u go to italy, i doubt theyll let u sue me!

Kevinb886: u want to bet

Kevinb886: cuz then i can go to italy with the money i get

Kevinb886: []

Obikitty: [] boo!

Kevinb886: all u have to do is do the shoe thing and we can forget this convo ever happened

Obikitty: just did it

Kevinb886: just did what

Kevinb886: ?

Obikitty: the shoe thing

Kevinb886: i have to see it and carrie has to be present to do the ringing

Obikitty: you didnt specify

Obikitty: now its too late

Kevinb886: now i sue

Kevinb886: []

Kevinb886: have a nice day

Kevinb886: i don't think you'll be going to italy now

Obikitty: nope, i fulfilled my part of the bargain

Kevinb886: no u didn't

Kevinb886: i have to see it

Obikitty: you didnt specify!

Kevinb886: i didn't have to specify for u to know

Kevinb886: evil girl

Kevinb886: i hope the locker gods dispose of u

Obikitty: thetve never suceeded before...

Kevinb886: maybe this time it will

Obikitty: they

Kevinb886: oh yeah

Kevinb886: u see quite optimistic about it

Obikitty: they were nice to me today, maybe I am winning them over

Kevinb886: or maybe it's a trap

Kevinb886: and ur locker will suck u in tomorrow

Obikitty: hmmm, maybe...

Obikitty: if it is, you die for jinxing me!

Kevinb886: right

Obikitty: [] you dont believe me ?

Kevinb886: no i do (rolls eyes)

Obikitty: meanie

Kevinb886: ur mean

Kevinb886: u won't do one simple thing for me

Obikitty: i did it 3 TIMES!

Kevinb886: but u didn't use both

Obikitty: the 3rd time i did

Kevinb886: no one saw the 3rd time

Obikitty: doesnt matter

Kevinb886: i have to view it and carrie has to be present for it to be legitimate

Obikitty: you did not specify that during negociations

Kevinb886: u knew what i meant

Obikitty: did i? []

Kevinb886: yes, evil girl!

Kevinb886: []

Obikitty: i plead ignorance

Obikitty: []

Kevinb886: evil

Obikitty: yep

Obikitty: mean

Kevinb886: wicked

Obikitty: devious

Kevinb886: conniving

Obikitty: sneaky

Kevinb886: deceitful

Obikitty: bloodthirsty

Kevinb886: braindead

Obikitty: hey! thats not my fault!

Obikitty: dispicable

Kevinb886: who*e

Obikitty: u

Obikitty: r

Obikitty: not

Obikitty: me

Obikitty: !

Obikitty: rentboy!

Kevinb886: carrie said that ur her bit*h

Obikitty: WHAT!?

Obikitty: she did not

Kevinb886: she said she's the dealer and ur the crack who*e

Obikitty: OMG

Kevinb886: steph?

Obikitty: u made that up!

Obikitty: what?

Kevinb886: no

Obikitty: I am gonna ask her

Kevinb886: i called carrie a who*e and she said no, ur the who*e and she's the dealer

Obikitty: she will pay...

Kevinb886: don't worry, she i'm her crack who*e too

Obikitty: o

Obikitty: ewwww

Kevinb886: we're victims of forces we can't possibly comprehend

Obikitty: we arent very ,moral are we?

Kevinb886: doesn't look like

Obikitty: ahh well, I hear its overrated

Kevinb886: u just had a daria moment

Obikitty: huh?

Kevinb886: the line u said b4

Kevinb886: something she would say

Obikitty: k

Kevinb886: did u finish all ur hw?

Obikitty: so that makes you who? Jane?

Obikitty: no, did everything but bio

Kevinb886: in a strange, twisted sort of distant way

Obikitty: hehehe

Obikitty: i should call you jane

Kevinb886: what's ur bio hw, drawing my insides?

Obikitty: no, i did that while we were taking notes in clas

Kevinb886: oh

Kevinb886: i hope u drew them prettily

Obikitty: yep, i'll show you tomorrow morning, if u want

Kevinb886: alright

Obikitty: kool

Kevinb886: u do know that's the name of a ciagarette brand

Obikitty: so

Obikitty: its better than typing kewl or cool

Kevinb886: kewl is just stupid

Obikitty: i know, thats why i say kool

Kevinb886: i g2g

Kevinb886: didn't do any hw yet!

Obikitty: k, ciao