By: Cleo

Why have you ruined my life?

Is that what you wanted?

To terrorize me?

Why do you have to hate me so?

I haven't done anything to you.

Why have you ruined my life?

It's not my fault you don't love my mom anymore,

Nor is it my fault she doesn't love you…

You took everything from me,

My strength,

My courage,

My pride.

Why do you pride on ruining my life?

Why did you take it all away?

Why can't you leave me be?

Why have you ruined my life?

That is what you wanted.

But, watch, someday you will be sorry,

That you ruined my life.

I hope you like it. It is about how my mom's boyfriend has token everything from me…he won't even give me my dog back! But he will be sorry…he will regret it someday. This poem just shows my feelings about this man. I was mad and this always helps…not to add vent out some rage on my pillows and pieces of paper! As always, read and review!