May 27th, 1996

Dear Joey,

I awoke today wishing with every last bit of my essence that everything I had experienced the night before was just a cruel nightmare out to disturb me in my sleep. However, when I finally rolled out of bed I realized that I had been unable to sleep soundly and that my sheets were on the floor as a consequence of my tossing and turning from the previous night. My heart had somehow fallen between my feet and by the time I got up I almost tripped over it as I walked to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and realized that the demons of my sleep had gotten the best of me and as a result my eyelids were drooping a bit more than usual and a purplish tint had found its way beneath my eyes. I climbed into the shower rather somberly and bowed my head as the water leapt in a suicidal fall from my head down to the bottom of the shower and into the drain. I closed my eyes as I tried recounting what had happened the previous night.

It had been a Sunday night when I was awoken from my sleep. I mumbled as my mom tried to wake me, I told her she had no reason to be waking me up in the middle of the night. Then she said it...â€