May 30, 1996

Dear Joey,

I have come to the conclusion over these last few days that contrary to what people believe none of us are truly free. It is often said that man was born free, however; I doubt that very notion with everything I have left to give. We have been born into a world that was not made perfect and we learn that we have to toil in our own suffering just to survive. We are slaves to the natural and physical worlds working for everything we have and in the end we die with nothing. No one can truly be happy in this world and even when one thinks that they are a stone is thrown in the path we walk and in no time we trip over it. When we fall everything around us comes crashing down and once again we have to learn to work harder in order to restore what temporary happiness that we once had. It is a continuing cycle of constant servitude to society, to ourselves, and to the laws of nature. It has been this way since the dawn of time when man had to learn the very laws of nature in order to further his own development and adaptation. We are not given a choice in life to whom or what we are born into instead we are forced into this slavery of the real world. Even in our dreams we are still slaves we cannot truly control our existence, rather it controls us. We are eternally put to trials and tribulations in our lives and in the end after we beat one we are given another. I am tired of this very system it has taken from me what was most dear and sacred.

The sky has fallen and I, Chicken Little, have been sent running away from the sadness that has been conveyed when the world ended. As T.S. Elliot once said “This is the end. The world will not end with a bang but rather with a whimper.â€