A Multitude of Voices

Jubal's Gadfly of a Jester

A multitude of voices

can crowd even this large expanse

I whisper to add my own

And of course I'm not heard…

I've got to learn to speak up

I've got to shriek to be noticed

'Cause these whispers

are just fading me away

I cling to

This reality

But your voices

Are breaking up my mind

I can't hold these wisps of me

Soon I'll blow away

I can't concentrate

In the midst of tormented shouts

I'm watching you

You're outside the door

You just stand there

As we drown in our own screams

So I beg of you:

Help me, save me

Strain to hear my whispers

Before I lose myself in this clamor

******************************************************Fallen Caryatid*****************************************************

There is a second half to this. Go ahead and check it out, I think I did well enough on it. Oh, guess what? Risa's going to let me borrow her poems for my next short story. I'm hoping that she'll even co-write a piece with me. Trust me, she's a deep writer, you guys would love her.