My Life

By: Cleo

I'm aching on the inside,

But cheery on the outside.

Isn't it the inside that matters?

People don't seem to notice that.

I act like I can handle everything,

When I really can't.

I try to bottle up my problems and sorrows,

But that only makes me hurt more on the inside.

I keep telling myself everything will be ok,

When I know half the time it won't.

But I keep trudging through all the darkness,

Knowing someday, somehow, I will reach light.

I know, deep in my heart, that someday

I will prevail.

I hope you like it! I really hope this will inspire some people not to give up, keep going, because someday things will go right. Things can't go wrong forever. Tsunami, yes, I am on a poem high. That answers your question. Read and review!