-The Interpositioner-
put or place in between; insert
introduce by way of intervention; put forward as interference
introduce into a conversation, debate, etc
interposing or being interposed
2.a thing interposed

My name is Moon's Shadow, not my real name of course but it seemed like a cool name. Not all of those I
meet know my name most know me only as the Interpositioner. I'm an inter-dimensional traveler, I fly around
in a world craft which is a small planet the size of the moon but with increased gravity. It's a nice
place to live, tropical climate, controllable weather, hundreds of underlings, and a couple of islands
populated by mythical creatures. It is drawn by a minute sun like a chariot drawn by a fiery horse. The
really unbelievable thing about the masterpiece of engineering was how I obtained it. You see I always
knew about the multi verse, I strongly believed it existed, and then one day I met myself.

I was a little more shocked about this than I thought I would have been but I took it in stride. He was a
version of myself from another universe, this I could figure out for myself, and gave me an offer I couldn't
refuse. He was in the same situation that I am in now and apparently in his travels he had acquired a
genie. He had used all the wishes already and who better to pass it on to? So I took the lamp and made
my wishes. The first was to get cybernetically grafted, with trillions of nanobots flowing through my
system, they give me near instant repairs, built up my muscles (so I can now do back flips when I sing "I am the
very model of the modern major general"), boosted what psionics I had, made me immune to toxins; bacteria; and infection, and also act in the same fashion as Venom's symbiote costume (only people who know Spider man would know what this is). The second was to get my world craft. The third was the important one, it was to imbue me and my world craft with the power of creating wormholes through space, time, and the gaps that divide the universes. After that I was one of the Biggest Bad-Asses of the Multi-verse BABY!

In the beginning I was benevolent, I believed that I was indestructible what was the point to fight
if I would always win. So I would go and educate the reluctant idiots of the multi-verse of their fates.
Then I realize how stupid that was. I grew restless, and often enough I would get drunk and go tell people
in a slurred voice how their universes were "wrong". Then a thought hit me, if the hero never loses and there is
no way I can lose, what will happen if I challenge the respective heros of each universe? That is when I learned
I CAN be killed. It hadn't occurred to me that I was helpless against an EMP, it would make my cybernetic net give and cause the nanobots to clot in my system leaving me unable to move, give me a heart attack, a stroke, and all those nice things. I also learned that I'm not immune to being incinerated, disintegrated, chopped up into little bits and jumped on. Mostly it was because I was to cocky and made mistakes like underestimated my opponent (never laugh at a turnipult, you read that right), or wearing unlucky underwear(you know that one with the rocket ships and little space men with my name on the back tag, and has ZAPP! The WonderMan! across the front. You never watched it? What a great cartoon, you don't know what your missing.). Afterwards what was left of my body was scrapped up(by the trusty janitorial services under my employment) and sent through a time reverser so that my body was back to where it was before my big fight, then I would watch my battle afterwards (since the time reverser erases memories). So now I am a lot more careful doing my favorite pass time, going to universes and testing the mettle of the best they have to offer.