Drifting From the World

The smell of peppermint was in the air

As she walked back home

Why am I doing this?

She thought a lot of things

Would anybody care if I went away?

Have I made an impact in somebody's life that would make them want me to

She choked back tears because she knew this wasn't true

Nobody loved her

Everybody hates me she said to herself

I have no choice but to move on

Passing by a group of kids

Playing in the sandbox

Smiling with Popsicle stained faces

She remembered the day when she was like that

The memories slowly started to fade away

All that was left was the hatred she faced each and every day

The terrible days she went through

Dying inside

People choose to hate me because I am different, she said

Drifting from the world

She started to listen to the voices of everybody else

She looked into the mirror and hated what she saw

She saw that she was ugly

That she was poor

That nobody loved her

I am nothing she repeated over and over

Reaching her house

She picked up a bottle

Of something that is supposed to make you feel good when you are sick

I am sick, she said

Sick of living as a shadow

In a world where I am nothing

She never thought that she would be the one to make herself disappear

As she sat on the floor she decided she wanted to say goodbye

She picked up a paper, started to write a note but it was too late

She had already started to die

No, this is too soon! Why can't I stop?

She had her one chance of life and now it was gone

Her parents came home and parked the car

Her friends were in the basement

Holding a birthday cake with her name on it

Waiting to tell her that they loved her

Too bad she didn't stick around to find out