Snow White, a Retelling

One day, long ago, as a joke, Elizabeth Windsor had her fortune told. She never paid much attention to her fortune, in fact she forgot what it had been a day or so later. Two weeks later it started to come true. She was pregnant.

Still, she disregarded the rest of the prophecy, that she would die in childbirth. The fortune telling had been a thing of fantasy, it couldn’t happen, so she never warned her husband.

Nearly nine months later Julie Windsor was born, and Elizabeth White Windsor had died.

At first it was difficult for the new widow, and father, Henry Windsor to look at his child that had some how stolen away the love of his life, but as he looked at the beautiful infant he found a new love.

Slowly Julie began to grow up, as children tend to do, and she grew lovelier with each passing day. Her dark hair grew to reach her waist; it shimmered and swished, as she walked. Her skin was a creamy white that made her glow with out looking washed out, or as if she never saw the sun. Quite the opposite, Julie was a lovely child who had a ton of friends and was constantly outside playing with them. As she became older still the boys began to notice her rosy cheeks and full red lips, and she became even more popular, but instead of becoming corrupt, as some of the popular kids do, Julie was the sweetest kindest soul you could ever meet.

But happiness isn’t eternal, and nothing lasts forever. Henry was transferred at work, and though he hated to he had to tear Julie away from her friends and happy home.


Julie held onto the straps of her backpack as she walked into the huge, two- story school, swallowing the uncertainties and misgiving swimming through her and asked for directions to the office.

“I’m new here, and I need to pick up a schedule ma’am,â€