This was written a few years backâ€"I consider it to be one of my better pieces. Yeah, I absolutely suck at poetry, but I can’t seem to let go of the a, a, b, b rhyming technique. Never was one to write blank verse with flair. *grin*


When I dance and when I sing

Do I know what I can bring?

Can I dispel sorrow and tears

Or simply embolden others’ fears?


When I smile and blithely laugh

Do you know it’s all a farce?

Have you guessed the sorrow inside

Or do you just survey the outside?


When you frown and when you cry

To be a friend, I always try.

But success sometimes evades me

Why can’t I have sensitivity?


Can you see the hurt I bear

Or does anyone even care?

Am I just a prop to some

And not a true friend even to one?


Can you see the wounds I feel

The ones I simply cannot heal?

You say that you have problems full

Well let me tell youâ€"I have some too.


Is it really fair to compare

And see whose problems need more care?

Both suffer depression and despair

Shouldn’t your attention between two share?


Counsellor, you sit there so

Staring at me, neither friend nor foe

Can I really have you to trust

Are my so-called problems really just?