I feel as if we've never been separated/

All the time that's passes hasn't really/

I pose stupid questions/

You reply sincerely, un-sarcastically/

Maybe it's a sign/


It means we're connected in some cosmic, spiritual way/

Maybe it's sexual, though I highly doubt that/

You're always there for me/

~Shut Up~

I open my mouth to speak/

I can't ever utter a sound before you tell me to shut up/

Well, you know what?

I won't shut up/

I'm gonna keep on talking/

I'm not gonna stop/

Just because you tell me to/

You say, "Why do I listen to you?"

Well don't!/

If you can't handle me, don't!/

For once, why don't you shut up/

My opinions/

My ideas/

Are worth more than you'll ever be/

So for once/

I turn the tables/

Shut up! Please/

You all think/

That because I'm younger that you know more than I do/

But guess what?/

Age is all in the mind and soul/

And mine are very different than yours/

A simple shut up can't hurt me more than a sting/

But you, I know you/

You're weak/

So, once, more, Shut up!/



Weird, dirty, disrespectful/

That's how I feel/

I didn't really do it/

It was just a dream/

So why do I feel so dirty?

I didn't mean to/

I can't control my dreams/

I don't really want to/

So why did I?



I need to wash my soul/

I can't stop thinking about it/

I didn't really/

So why do I feel so cold?

It felt so good at the time/

So right/

But now I feel like trash/

I'm sorry/

~Angel in disguise as a human~

She whispers to him/

He doesn't understand/

He never does/

She kisses him good-bye/

I whisper to him/

He understands/

He always does/

He always will

He hurt her/

He hit her/

He spoke badly/

She speaks to me/

I understand/

He pain eases a little/

You are the only one/

The only one who lets me rest the world on your shoulders for a while/

You give me my break/

Thank you/


Faith is a funny thing/

We all like to think/

That what we know to be the truth/


No one can be sure/

Until the end/

By then it's hopeless/

Why do we bother to believe/

I can't know if the past lives I see are true/

At least no more than you can be sure the God we've never seen exists/

Only a few examples/

Why do some believe everything they're told to have faith in/

While other's reject it/

Some of us are faithless/

Maybe they're the smart ones/

But that doesn't excuse them from subjecting or being subjected to ridicule/

I wish we could all be right/

~The Friendship~

You opened me/

You let me pour myself/

You're the maybe the only one who has seen through me like glass/

Simple conversations/

About the world/

A simple friendship/

That helped my soul/

We are so different/

Yet we connected/

In a way I never connected with a friend before/

Maybe simplicity is the key/

But out talks can be deep/

Strange is this friendship that works so well/

Simple conversations/

About the world/

A simple friendship/

That helped my soul/

Four Seasons


Born in the spring/

Blooms in the summer/

Fall it begins to whither/

Winter come, time to start all over/


An endless cycle/

Doesn't stop/

Never will/

Ever changing/

Always the same/


Day to day/

Sun to moon/

Child to Adult/

Seed to Blossom/

Chorus (sung in background of all verses and bridge):

Four seasons/

Under the sun/

Born again.

Die today/

The Answer's Lying


Come and try to crack the shell/

To the chick that is me/

Come and try to break this exterior/

Try to find me/


Even those who truly know me/

Don't know the whole me/

Even those who tried to find me/

They will never hold me/


I extend the invitation/

Try to climb the lattice fence/

But you will never get me/

Look into my eyes/

And maybe you'll see/


Out of those who truly know me/

Few know the whole me/

Out of those you truly know me/

Few can ever hold me/

The answer's lying/

Life's Lie

My solitude is my fortress/

I block those special few who try to break the wall from entering/

I've become cold, heartless, a bitch/

I think it's just easier to go on living this way/

You'll never get to know "me"/

I'll never have to lie/

Let me drive you away/

It's better this way/

Never get to know me/

It'll save a lot of sobs/

You'll never have to find out/

I've been lying this whole time/

My solitude is my fortress/

I block those special few who try to break the wall from entering/

I've become cold, heartless, a bitch/

Wake Up Call


When a body is found cold, face into the ground/

Because they think differently/

Look different/

Feel differently/

Or dress differently/

That's when I know/


When I know how unstable we are/

How wrong we are/

We are mentally unstable/

Physically unstable/

Socially unstable/

Politically unstable/

Spiritually unstable/


When we have a President who can't speak properly/

An openly anti-Semitic can win 20% of the vote/

The head of the KKK can run for governor /

One man can cause the death of so many and I can feel unaffected because of it's severity compared to problems in other places/



But what can I do?

What am I supposed to do?

I don't think there's any hope left/

I've lost my faith in the human race/

When a teenager is this jaded, you know there's something wrong/


When there won't be any natural resources left/

The welfare's gone/

The world is destroyed by our bombs/

The beauty of faith is gone/

People will finally realize and it'll be too late/


When there's nothing left/

We'll sit back and enjoy the repercussions/

Cause it seems like this is what everyone wants/